Clinton woman works to get snow cone business off the ground

May 13—On the corner of South Fifth Street and Sixth Avenue South, Davida Sanders makes and sells snow cones on any given warm-weather day.

She calls them "Dajmaj Snokones," derived as a combination of her daughter Da'Jour and son Demajae's names given in homage to French family heritage.

"This is my third year out here," Sanders said, working to get the snow cone stand "off the ground" and out from under the blue tent she works beneath and into a turquoise truck she has parked on the block with a license plate that reads "DAJMAJ."

Sanders' colorful logo designed for the fledgling business is ready to be put onto the side of the truck, depicting her kids' likenesses.

Her constant customers range from teens to members of local enforcement who come to choose from her menu that offers extra small snow cones of a single flavor for 50 cents up to "massive" snow cones for $10. Any extra added flavors are an added 50 cents as are an added splash of dill flavoring or sour flavoring each.

Flavor choices include mango, cotton candy, cherry, strawberry, lime, pina colada, and several others.

She also offers nachos at either $6 for a small order or $10 for a large and snow cone flavored pickles for $3 each.