Climate Clock Adds Gender Parity Lifeline For International Women's Day

For International Women’s Day 2023, Climate Clock has added a Gender Parity Lifeline to its digital clock faces worldwide. Citing the latest data from the Inter-Parliamentary Union, that just 26.5% of women are represented in all national parliaments the Climate Clock’s new message reads “WORLD PARLIAMENTS: 26.5% — LET’S MAKE THAT: 50%”. Women's movements and climate movements around the world aim to raise that to 50% in order to help society better adapt to a changing climate and pursue pathways toward a more just, sustainable future. The Climate Clock’s team of scientists, artists, educators, and activists added the new message to the Climate Clock's 80-foot digital clockface in New York City’s Union Square as well as its other large-scale clocks located across the globe in Rome, Seoul, Tokyo, London, Beijing and Harrisburg PA. In addition, the new message will appear on over 40 handheld Climate 'action' Clocks to promote climate education and spur community action and awareness from teachers in the DRC and Italy to youth activists in Turkey and Tokyo to activist organizations in Ghana, the Netherlands, Kosovo, and Brazil. Women's perspectives and experiences are often overlooked in policy-making, leading to laws and regulations that do not adequately address their needs. Multiple studies show a clear positive correlation between female representation in parliaments and the robustness of climate action. Climate Clock was first launched in Union Square, New York City, during Climate Week in September 2020.