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Pan lids always getting in the way? You need this clever organiser

We've finally found a way to organise those pesky pan lids. (Joseph and Joseph)

Let's all be honest with ourselves for a moment and admit that no-one has an organised pan cupboard.

You could have the tidiest kitchen known to man, with surfaces that sparkle, but it's still unlikely that you'll have a pan drawer to match.

We'd still put money on it that you spend at least five minutes looking for the perfect pan lid, or the ideal pan, which you inevitably can't find, because it's buried under a cluster of lids.

We have a solution though: the Joseph Joseph Pan Lid Holders.

We recently came across the product on TikTok, which went viral with over 800,000 views. TikTok user Simply Sal Finds uncovered the clever buy, posting a video of just how easily the pan lid holder sticks to a kitchen cupboard and declutters his saucepan storage.

Many viewers were either shocked they didn't know about the affordable £12 product sooner, or already a fan: "I bought these. Totally worth it!"

Why we rate it

Easy to mount onto any surface, these oh-so-simple, self-adhesive holders (using strong 3M VHB tape), mean you can stack your lids upright across a kitchen wall or inside a drawer and keep everything looking ship-shape and organised.

Suitable for lids up to 24 cm (9.5 inches) diameter, you'll actually be able to find the right pan lid for once, which, let's face it, will probably save us several hours over the course of a week.

(Joseph and Joseph)
The simple and clever product means that pan lids will never get in the way again. (Joseph and Joseph)
(Joseph and Joseph)
The holders easily stick to your kitchen cupboard and come in sets of four. (Joseph and Joseph)

£12 at Amazon

£12 at Joseph and Joseph

Oh, and you'll be simultaneously freeing up space in the pan drawer, which means that you'll be able to buy all sorts of new and exciting pans to add to it.

It's a win, win, right?

What the reviews say

The nifty lid holders have over 13,000 reviews, with many shoppers dubbing them "fabulous" and an "organisational miracle".

People have stuck them inside deep cupboards, along kitchen surfaces and up against walls, and many reviewers commented on how securely each adhesive strip attached itself.

One generous shopper claimed to have gone on to buy them for "all" her friends, while another was on their "second batch".

Buy it: Joseph Joseph CupboardStore Set of 4 In-cupboard Pan Lid Holders | £12 from Amazon

It's not the only clever Joseph and Joseph product we've come across to help our organisation.

In September 2021, the Joseph Joseph Under-Shelf Spice Rack (which sold out at John Lewis numerous times) also went viral on TikTok. The under-the shelf rack frees up cupboard space and means you can keep your kitchen tidy and organised without having to shell out thousands for a new one.

Buy it: Joseph Joseph Under-Shelf Spice Rack | £15.99 from Amazon

And if you're fed up with your messy cutlery drawer, we highly recommend the Joseph and Joseph Cutlery Organiser.

Designed to neatly stack all of your cutlery items into each compartment, this space-saver features a non-slip base, so you won't open the drawer to find the organiser has moved about and undone all of your hard work.

Buy it: Joseph Joseph DrawerStore Compact Cutlery Organiser tray | £15.80 from Amazon

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