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Always cold? 10 clever heating products to use at home

heating products
Heating products to help you stay warm at home this winter. (Getty Images)

The cost of living crisis has left everyone looking for innovative ways to cut heating bills. Whether you take a hot water bottle to bed most nights or are looking for ways to save on your energy bills, we've uncovered 10 top-rated heating products that could help you beat the chill as the temperature in the UK plummets.

From a nifty plug heater that is already a sell out to clever wearable items, such as a heated poncho and microwaveable slippers, there are plenty of warming buys you may never knew existed.

So, if you're someone who is always feels the chill and are bracing yourself for the imminent temperature drop, one of these affordable buys may just be just the ticket.

10 clever heating products to use at home

Grey Electric Heated Poncho | £89.99 from Lakeland

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This Grey Electric Heated Poncho is shaping up to be one of the most popular on our list. It regularly sells out but don't panic, Lakeland is constantly adding new stock. It comes with fasteners to hold it in place as well as nine temperature settings.

Not sure which setting to choose? One reviewer shares their feedback: "On the highest setting I am feeling a nice gentle warmth (worn over a woolly jumper). Very pleased to be nice and cosy at my desk while WFH without having to keep the heating on!"

Dreamland Heated Neck & Shoulder Pad | £59.99 from Lakeland

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As well as relieving tension around the neck and back this super plush Heated Neck & Shoulder Pad is contoured to fit any neck shape. It heats up in just five minutes with five temperature settings to pick from as well as an automatic shut off feature for safety.

Herringbone Microwaveable Body Wrap | £17.99 from Lakeland

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As one of the lower priced items on the list, this Herringbone Microwaveable Body Wrap is a great value winter warmer and a well needed upgrade from your usual hot water bottle. The large, lavender-fragranced body wrap is heated using heat-retaining clay beads and comes with a matching water bottle if you're looking for a gift. We'll take both.

Rrtizan Heated Vest for Mens and Women | £52.99 from Amazon

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This Heated Vest is a currently a best seller on Amazon's clothing charts, with over 2000 reviews. It'll keep you toasty in and out of the house with its built-in carbon fibre heated sheet. Not only does it keep you warm, it helps promote blood circulation and relieve muscle pain. It's also available in sizes from small at the way to triple XL.

Fans of the vest recommend sizing up on this one and describe it as "very cosy" particularly if you're stood around in the cold (think: watching the kids play football).

Beurer Nordic Faux Fur Heat Pad | £42.99 from Lakeland

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If space is a motivator when picking your winter warmer, the Beurer Nordic Faux Fur Heat Pad is our top pick. The fold away heat pad can be used anywhere on your body and with three temperature settings it reduces aches and pains as well as keeping you toasty.

"This is a very useful little pad. It heats quickly and the faux fur adds a bit of luxury. If you just need some heat on your back it is exactly the right size," one review says, adding that they've even bought a second as a Christmas present.

Beurer Cosy Foot Warmer | £41 from Amazon

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Our pick of the day earned its stripes by being not only the cosiest looking, but also the cutest gift. We're looking at you, Nan. The Foot Warmer has a warm inner lining designed to cocoon your feet with three temperature settings. It's also has the most five-star ratings of all of our suggestions.

Many people have commented on how they've bought this to reduce gas and electricity prices, with one describing it as a "wonderful purchase".

Russell Hobbs Compact Black Ceramic Plug Heater | £22.99 from Amazon

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Not only are plug heaters space-saving, but they're also a cost-effective way to warm up a room without having to crank up all the radiators - something we're all trying to cut back on doing.

Over 80% of people who've purchased the Russell Hobbs Compact Black Ceramic Plug Heater have given it the thumbs up by rating it four or five stars. One customer was so impressed that it boosted the heat in his living room by two degrees within 15 minutes that he purchased a second one. "Definitely recommend," he commented.

Beurer Cosy Heated Throw Taupe | £69.99 from Lakeland

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This plush Beurer Cosy Heated Throw doesn't just feel good, it looks the part, too. It'll be at home thrown over any sofa, with the added benefit of its cosiness. The large throw has six temperature settings which are easy to use with a sliding gage.

As a bonus benefit, it also has automatic shut-off and overheat protection so you'll never get caught out.

Arctic Ice Faux Fur Throw | £99.99 from Lakeland

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The luxurious Arctic Ice Faux Fur Throw screams winter cosiness. With nine heat and timer settings, you can choose the length of the warmth (perfect for if you're wanting a nap) as well as the warmth levels.

It comes with glowing reviews, too: "Absolutely love this. Have recommended it to all my friends. No need to put the heating on, just envelop this throw over you, set the temperature and timer and sit back and read the paper or watch tv, whatever, all snug and warm."

Warmies Womens/Ladies Microwavable Boot Slippers | £22.39 from Amazon

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Boots that we can put in the microwave: where do we sign up? These Microwavable Boot Slippers are grain filled to keep you warm but don't worry, they don't feel too heavy.

And, if you're trying to keep down your microwave usage, many people have said they're warm enough without being microwaved at all, one described them as being "heavenly comfortable".