Cleaning expert shares 80p hack for banishing window condensation

cleaning expert shares 80p hack for banishing window condensation
Try this 80p hack to remove condensation Alena Kravchenko - Getty Images

As the winter weather sets in, cleaning experts have shared a clever 80p hack to remove condensation from windows.

According to the experts at Bathroom Supastore, you can tackle condensation by simply using a squeegee (Asda is selling them for just 80p) and an old towel. Moisture build-up isn't a huge issue on its own, but it could result in mould, mildew and water damage if left untreated.

"A cheap hack and alternative is to use a cheap window squeegee and an old towel," Evan Jones, bathroom design expert at Bathroom Supastore, says. "You can get squeegees online or in your local hardware store for cheap. To remove the condensation quickly and cheaply wipe down the surface of the window with the squeegee. When all of the moisture is in one area, wipe it over with an old towel to remove it."

While you can't eliminate moisture in your home completely, this hack is an easy way to remove condensation manually each morning.

domestic room with rain droplets on window
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If you have noticed condensation in your windows, rather than on the outside, your window or seals may have a leak. Evan adds: "Failed double glazing is when your windows become foggy between the pains of glass. Failed double glazing can happen for many reasons from poorly fitted windows to using the wrong products when fitting them."

It's important you get this fixed quickly to avoid moisture within the panes developing into mould.

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