How to clean UGG boots

how to clean uggs ugg boots
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UGG boots will keep your feet warm and cosy throughout the colder months; but all that comfort comes at a price. Comprised of sheepskin and suede, these boots can easily get damaged from bad weather, as well as pick up stains along the way. And as they have a suede exterior, they’re not an easy item to clean or restore.

To get looking them as good as new , we've pulled together our top tips for cleaning UGG boots. Whether you need stain removal advice or want to deodorise your UGGs, we’ve got the answer.

What is the best way to clean UGG boots?

To remove everyday dirt and grime we recommend regularly using a suede brush. Make sure your boots are dry and brush all over to lift away dry dirt and restore the natural pile of the suede.

For deeper dirt that a suede brush can’t tackle and to give your boots a more thorough clean, look for a proprietary suede and sheepskin cleaner or you can buy an UGG Care Kit which includes a cleaner and conditioner. Always follow the instructions on the product and, if in any doubt, test on a small area first. When cleaning UGGs we recommend working from the top down. The bottom is usually the dirtiest area, so starting at the top and working down will avoid spreading dirt into cleaner areas.

If your UGGs get wet, to prevent unsightly water marks from forming on the toe area, you’ll have to act before they dry. Use a damp cloth to evenly wet the rest of the boots - avoid over wetting them - then allow to dry thoroughly. Ensure they retain their shape while drying by stuffing with paper towels or bunched up newspaper.

Top Tip: To remove oily stains gently rub with white chalk or sprinkle cornflour onto the stain and allow it to soak up the grease overnight before removing with a soft brush. Repeat if all the oil isn’t absorbed on the first application.

The best cleaning products for UGG boots

How do I stop my UGG boots from smelling?

As snuggly as it is, the sheepskin lining inside UGGs can become a bit whiffy over time, especially if you get them wet occasionally or wear them without socks. The most cost-effective and natural way to remove odours is using bicarbonate of soda. Sprinkle bicarb inside the boots and shake it around to ensure it reaches all areas deep inside the boot. Leave overnight, then shake out any loose powder, set your vacuum to a gentle suction and use the hose to remove any remaining powder.

Can I wash UGG boots?

If your UGG boots are really mucky, you may be tempted to try to revive them in the washing machine. There’s a lot of conflicting information online about whether UGGs can be cleaned in a washing machine, but according to the experts at UGG this could damage them beyond repair so it’s not worth the risk.

However, if your UGGs really are at the end of their life and you want to take the chance, only try it if you’re willing to risk ruining them. Use a delicate non-bio detergent and a cold delicates cycle. Allow them to air dry completely before wearing. Never try to dry UGGs in a tumble dryer.

how to clean ugg boots
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Should I have my UGG boots professionally cleaned?

Many dry cleaners offer specialist UGG boot cleaning services, but rarely can they guarantee that all stains will be fully removed. Again, the official line from UGG UK is that dry cleaning could damage your UGGs. But if you’re struggling to get them clean and want to hand them over to the professionals, make sure you choose a reputable dry cleaner, preferably one that’s a member of the Guild of Cleaners and Launders.

How to keep your UGG boots clean

Get off to the best start with your brand new UGGs by protecting them with a good quality spray-on suede protector. Not only will this add a welcome layer of waterproofing, but it will help guard against future stains.

As well as applying a protective spray, there are steps you can take to help keep your UGG boots clean in the future. While it might sound obvious, always check the weather before you go outside in them. If rain is likely, or it’s rained recently, leave your UGG boots at home!

One option might be to invest in UGG Boot Guards to shield your boots from the elements. These slip onto the bottom of your UGGs to protect the suede just above the sole.

Watch how you store your UGG boots too. Don’t let other shoes rub dirt or moisture onto the suede by placing them on top of one another. Stacking shoes like this will crush the shape of your UGG boots as well. Give them a dedicated space on a shoe rack and use a shoe tree to maintain the shape.

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