​The easiest way to clean your toastie maker

how to clean your toastie maker
​How to clean your toastie makerLiudmila Chernetska - Getty Images

If you love toasties and paninis, a sandwich maker is a great gadget to have, allowing you to have hot, delicious toasties without the bother of making them on the hob. But let's be honest, toastie makers can be quite a bit of hassle to clean.

Don't be tempted to attack your toastie maker with a scourer or anything abrasive, as this could damage the nonstick coating. To remove any grease and burnt-on cheese, just follow this simple guide instead.

1. Turn off and wipe down

As we're sure you're aware, you'll need to turn off and unplug your appliance before you start cleaning. Wipe it down with a damp cloth while it's still slightly warm to remove any crumbs, oily residue and recently spilt ingredients before they solidify.

2. Remove the plates

If the plates are removable, take them out to make the cleaning easier. It's best to not soak the plates as this could damage the special nonstick coating. You might be able to put them in the dishwasher but always check the manufacturer’s instruction manual to see if they are dishwasher safe first.

how to clean your toastie maker
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3. Sponge it down

Taking a kitchen sponge and a small amount of warm, soapy water, firmly wipe the surface again, gently rubbing at hard to budge food residue. Pay special attention to any grooves where oil can get trapped. Using a fresh damp cloth, wipe any soap suds away afterwards.

4. For stubborn grease

If you’re struggling to budge any stubborn residue within grooves, try this handy tip: wrap the end of a chopstick with a damp dishcloth and rub it between the grooves to loosen and remove hard-to-reach grime.

GHI Tip: Always check the manufacturer’s instructions before you start cleaning your toastie maker.

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