The Classic British Candy Bar That Was Beloved By Princess Diana

Princess Diana in hat
Princess Diana in hat - Bettmann/Getty Images

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Princess Diana of Wales remains one of the most beloved figures in history for many reasons. Her kindness, sense of humor, and overall reliability earned her the title of "the people's princess." And just like many of us, Princess Diana had a soft spot for sweets. One candy bar in particular had her heart, though. In an interview with Bustle, former royal chef Darren McGrady, who cooked many of Princess Diana's favorite foods, revealed that the princess couldn't get enough of Cadbury Twirl chocolate bars. "They were her real weakness," said McGrady, who recalled driving the princess's car to the gas station and finding the glove compartment stuffed with candy bar wrappers. When McGrady asked the princess about the wrappers, she joked that they must belong to her sons, who were both away at boarding school.

It's fitting that the late British monarch's favorite chocolate would come from a company located in her homeland. Cadbury Chocolates started in England, and its factory remains based in Birmingham to this day. It was also the real-life inspiration for Roald Dahl's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." Cadbury produces a huge variety of candies and chocolate bars, including the popular Easter treat Cadbury Creme Eggs. However, the Twirl is particularly celebrated for its unique texture and high-quality chocolate.

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Do As Diana And Give Twirl A Whirl

Hand holding Twirl candy bar
Hand holding Twirl candy bar - Cadbury / YouTube

Twirl is a standout, even among Cadbury's famous candies and confections, which may be surprising because it's little more than a milk chocolate bar with no rivers of caramel, no nougaty center, and no crispy peanut coating. What makes this candy so special? Twirl bars are beloved for their ultra-creamy milk chocolate that is spun into small, twirling ribbons. The ribbons are poured into a shape that's more like a chocolate stick than a bar, allowing for many layers of delicate, flakey chocolate. The result is a wonderfully crumbly but rich chocolatey treat. Although this classic confection is simply milk chocolate, Cadbury has also released some other limited-edition flavors of the bar, including caramel and orange.

As a British company, many Cadbury products are not widely available in the U.S., but you can still find the Twirl bar in some stores if you want to try Princess Diana's favorite chocolate treat. International food stores and Amazon are both possible options. Of course, you can always hop across the pond to try out Twirl bars and even tour Cadbury World in Birmingham, England.

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