Clarkson's Farm star Lisa Hogan shares hilarious 'unwanted' video of sweatproof makeup we all need right now

 Lisa Hogan.
Credit: Getty Images / Jeff Spicer

Clarkson's farm star Lisa Hogan has shared a video detailing what's in her make up bag, calling it the content 'you never asked for', but I (and many others) beg to differ. 

I've watched every series of Clarkson's Farm, and while there's something to love about all the cast (Jeremy included), Lisa is a firm favourite. Her no nonsense approach to everything the farm throws at her and wicked sense of humour make her a joy to watch. And she's brought the same energy to Instagram, with her very own uniquely-Lisa beauty video, offering some top-notch makeup tips for older women and anyone wanting to survive the humid British heat.

'I've been asked so many times what's in my makeup bag, by absolutely nobody, and this is what I chucked into my bag.' Hogan goes on to reveal a bag of makeup products she uses while out and about on the farm. 'I don't really know what to wear when I'm outside, I don't want to wear something heavy, I want to have something that is sweat-proof.'

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Skin in Motion mascara
Skin in Motion mascara

Skin In Motion Waterproof & Sweatproof Mascara

Skin In Motion is the brand featured in Lisa's video, and it's clearly one she rates, having invested some money in the company. Designed specifically to withstand exercise and hormones, this mascara is said to be completely sweatproof and waterproof. We've not yet tried it yet, but from the video it looks like it could definitely be a contender for our pick of the best volumising mascaras.

Charlotte Tilbury Setting spray
Charlotte Tilbury Setting spray

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If you don't want to change the makeup you're using, another option to stop it melting off your face is a setting spray. And this one from Charlotte Tilbury comes highly recommended by our beauty writer Naomi: "The few occasions where I've forgotten to remove my makeup before the gym, my foundation and blush etc have stayed pretty much intact by the end."

elf primer
elf primer

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There are so many things to love about this post – Lisa's humour, honesty, the fact that she manages to look amazing while sat in the middle of a field applying her make up, the goat that makes a cameo and she tells so lovingly is 'perfect'. But as much as it's entertaining, it's also serves as a fantastic product recommendation for sweat-proof makeup – something many of us need right now (and all year round, if, like me, your hormones can't decide what they are up to from one day to the next).

And Lisa's video clearly struck a chord with her followers too, with hundreds of them quick to say thank you.  'You are so funny. As a horse trainer, waterproof mascara is a must,' said one. 'Thanks for the tip, Lisa. Need some sweat proof makeup. Bloody hot flushes,' wrote another.

Lisa signed off brilliantly with: 'There you go, something you never asked for, and couldn't give a shit about - now you know.'

One thing Lisa didn't mention was her outfit, but people were quick to ask how she was dressed for a day on the farm – her green 'Diddly Squat' bucket hat, white ME+EM blouse and jeans combination is definitely inspiring my summer capsule wardrobe.

We can't help but wonder, now having invested in the company, whether the makeup Lisa is using now counts as local produce and she's allowed to sell it in the Diddly Squat farm shop...