Clarkson's Farm Kaleb Cooper's son, 2, drives tractor in new pic: 'Better farmer than Jeremy'

Fans of Clarkson's Farm were gobsmacked when Kaleb Cooper, the show's 25-year-old farming sensation, posted a clip of his little one, Oscar, taking over the tractor controls this week.

Kaleb has become a familiar face on Jeremy Clarkson's hit Amazon Prime Video series, which follows the TV personality's foray into farming in Oxfordshire.

Known for his dedication and farming know-how, Kaleb has been on the show from the start and viewers are even invested in his relationship with fiancée Taya, with whom he shares his adorable two year old son.

Although Kaleb keeps his family life quite private, away from the reality show's spotlight, he occasionally gives fans a peek into his personal world through social media. And this weekend, the star decided to share a glimpse of his son's farming adventures.

Kaleb Cooper
Kaleb posted a clip of his little one, Oscar, taking over the tractor controls this week -Credit:Instagram/ @cooper_kaleb

In a video that has left followers smitten, little Oscar is seen perched in the driver's seat of an enormous tractor, beaming with joy and confidently calling out "dad" to Kaleb, who's off-camera. The post also included a photo of Oscar in the driver's seat, captioned with "Young farmer right here," followed by a tractor and a heart emoji.

Taya joined in the comments, adorably noting: "It's the dad part... mummy's little farmer in the making," accompanied by a face showing deep affection, reports the Mirror.

Fans were quick to show their love for the post, with one fan gushing: "Oh Oscar you are so sweet! ! " Others joined in with heartwarming comments like: "Bless him", "Adorable" and "Aw he's so cute". Some cheeky followers even teased Kaleb's boss, with one quipping: "Drives a tractor better than @jeremyclarkson1 already."

Another chimed in with a playful suggestion: "There should be a competition between him and Jeremy."

The third instalment of Clarkson's Farm dropped on Amazon earlier this month, bringing more challenges and mishaps to the beloved cast. The series sees a spate of unfortunate events, from the loss of animals to unprofitable products, not to mention a tussle with local council officials over the farm shop.

Love is certainly in the air for Kaleb and Taya, who got engaged in December 2022 and are busy planning their wedding. The couple also celebrated the arrival of their daughter Willa in June last year, and it seems wedding preparations are in full swing.

Kaleb Cooper (L) and Jeremy Clarkson.
Kaleb Cooper (L) and Jeremy Clarkson.

Kaleb gave fans an update in January, sharing: "Today we are looking at wedding suppliers."

He also let slip that Taya was eager to dive back into wedding planning almost immediately after giving birth, saying: "She did say that as soon as the second baby is born she'd be planning this wedding. About 20 seconds after delivering the baby, she says 'Right, wedding planning, should we have it here or here? ' She's already booked the venue! So yeah, she's smashing it! ".