Jeremy Clarkson reacts as Clarkson’s Farm filming is unexpectedly halted

Jeremy Clarkson and Lisa Hogan at the Clarkson's Farm photocall in 2021

It was a dramatic day on the farm for Jeremy Clarkson, as filming for the fourth series of his hit show Clarkson's Farm was halted by an unusual – and uninvited – guest.

A helicopter began circling over Jeremy's farm at around midday on Friday 17 May, which meant that filming had to be paused, presumably due to the noise, privacy and security risk.

The broadcaster-turned-farmer, 64, shared a screenshot onto Instagram where he tracked a helicopter that had been circling over the farm in Chadlington, Oxfordshire. Jeremy used publicly available tracking data to show the route the helicopter had taken, writing that "filming is paused" until the helicopter leaves.

The helicopter took a strange flight path
The helicopter took a strange flight path (Instagram)

It is not known who was flying the rogue helicopter, but many viewers took the opportunity to joke about Jeremy's showdown with the local council, with one commenting: "Council finding new ways".

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Usually, the challenges facing Jeremy on Diddly Squat Farm are farming related. In season three, he contends with difficult weather, the sad realities of rearing pigs as well as the ever-present struggle with the council to keep the farm shop and restaurant.

Clarkson's Farm is back for season 3
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Fans have been left guessing about what's to come in season four, although we hope it's more adorable footage of his dogs, Arya and Sansa, as well as farm life.

After season four, the show's future may be in question despite its success as Amazon Prime Video's highest rated UK original. Andy Wilman, the show's executive producer, told Deadline: “I’ve got no feelings on whether there’s a five or not. Jeremy’s the same. He’s like: when we’ve got nothing left to say, let’s walk away.”

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For Andy, the show's success is down to its ability to keep fans immersed: “It’s like an escape pod. Forget all your troubles and be on Clarkson’s Farm.”

We couldn't agree more, although let's hope the only flying interruption from here is the bird life.