City of Valdosta celebrates National Drinking Water Week

May 9—VALDOSTA — The City of Valdosta's Utilities Department welcomed J.L. Lomax Elementary School third-grade students to a special National Drinking Water Week Celebration Tuesday morning.

The event took place at the Valdosta Water Treatment Plant, located at 3863 Guest Road, to educate students about the importance of clean drinking water and its impact on people's daily lives, according to a press release from the city.

The students participated in interactive exhibits and hands-on activities that introduced them to the water treatment process and how clean water is delivered to their homes and schools. Their curiosity and enthusiasm were inspiring, the city said, as they gained a deeper appreciation for the critical role water plays in the community.

A key moment of the event was the reading of the official proclamation by Mayor Scott James Matheson, recognizing National Drinking Water Week and its significance. The mayor underscored the need to protect water resources and ensure the availability of clean, safe drinking water for all residents.

Additionally, the winner of the Utilities 2024 National Drinking Water Art Contest was announced. Grace Pinto's artwork encapsulated the essence of clean water, the city said.

"We were thrilled to host the students from J.L. Lomax Elementary School and provide them with an enriching experience during National Drinking Water Week," said Phillip Walker, the Valdosta Water Treatment Plant superintendent. "It's crucial to educate the next generation about water conservation and the importance of clean drinking water in our daily lives."

Jason Barnes, assistant director of utilities, echoed this sentiment, "Hosting these young students was an opportunity to instill a lifelong appreciation for the water treatment process. It's our responsibility to pass on the importance of sustainable water practices and inspire them to be stewards of our water resources."