Christmas adverts 2020: Watch John Lewis, Aldi, Argos, and McDonald’s festive ads

Yahoo UK Staff
·1-min read
Asda's 2020 Christmas advert features a beaming sprout
Asda's 2020 Christmas advert features a beaming sprout

As the nights get longer and we all cosy up in front of the telly, it’s time for the much-celebrated Christmas advert to shine.

From tear-jerkers to uplifting messages of joy, we all remember John Lewis’ bear waking up from hibernation to experience Christmas for the first time, and Sainsbury’s’ depiction of the football match that took place in No Man's Land during the First World War.

So here are some of the best ads so far this year, all in one place, for you to start getting into the festive spirit.

1. John Lewis - ‘Celebrate kindness’

2. McDonald's - ‘Reindeer Ready’

3. Argos - ‘Magic takes centre stage’

4. Disney UK - ‘From Our Family To Yours’

5. M&S - ‘This is M&S Christmas Food’ by Olivia Colman

6. Aldi UK - ‘Kevin The Carrot’

7. Asda - ‘That’s an Asda Price Christmas’

8. TK Maxx - ‘The Lil’ Goat’

9. Coca-Cola - ‘The Holidays Are Coming’

10. Morrisons - ‘Making Christmas Special’