Christie Brinkley on Saying Goodbye to ‘Sexy 60s’ and Hello to ‘Sensational 70s’

Christie Brinkley on Saying Goodbye to ‘Sexy 60s’ and Hello to ‘Sensational 70s’
  • Christie Brinkley is ready to celebrate her 70th birthday.

  • She’s reflecting on her “sexy 60s,” and opening up about how she feels about aging.

  • She said she’ll “dance into my sensational 70s.”

Christie Brinkley has never been one to shy away from discussing aging. Whether it’s showing off her gray hair or clapping back at commenters who criticized her wrinkles, she embraces time with grace. Now, the former supermodel is turning 70 and she’s welcoming this new chapter with open arms.

In a new Instagram post, Brinkley shared a new cover from People celebrating her 70th birthday, in which she discussed how she is accepting getting older: “I embrace the day.”

“I still have a few days left of my hot 60s before I dance into my Sensational 70s on February 2nd, but I already know it’s going to be a spectacular year!” Brinkley wrote in the caption. She continued, “I know because that’s my plan and I’m old enough to know that it’s up to me to make sure of it! I always used to say to my kids ‘go out and make it a great day’ and now I’m saying to myself that I’m gonna make it a great year!”

More than anything, Brinkley shared how grateful she is to be celebrating the milestone year. “I’ve had a lot of close calls and I feel lucky and grateful to be here, I just can’t believe that I got here so FAST! It speeds by so my advice to all you young-ins out there… Love, laugh, and LIVE IT UP! 😘❤️,” she wrote.

Fans flooded the comment section with birthday wishes and admiration for the soon-to-be 70-year-old. One wrote, “Happy Birthday Beauty 🎂 blow out the candle 🕯️ and may all your wishes that have not already come true, come true!” Another chimed in, “You certainly improved the place aesthetically and upped the kindness factor by leaps and bounds when you were born!” Another fan wrote, “❤️A true beauty inside and out. You make every age one to celebrate because of the kind, genuine bright light that you are.”

One follower remarked on how Brinkley is setting an inspirational example for generations to come, writing: “You’re my inspiration! I’m a decade behind you and watching you reach these amazing milestones with such energy, beauty, and grace makes me know I can do the same! Thank you and happy birthday!”

Fortunately, Brinkley isn’t keeping all her feel-good secrets to herself. She previously shared that three of her “favorite tips for staying young,” were: “Number one: Sunblock. Number two: Eat right—be a vegetarian. And number three: Be curious, be adventurous—that’ll keep you young.” Specifically, Brinkley has said that following a vegetarian diet gives her “a lot of energy.”

It’s hard to believe that Brinkley is already celebrating her 70th birthday (we remember her 69th birthday Instagram like it was yesterday), but we know that she will be truly “sensational” in this next chapter of her life. We can’t wait to see what the future holds…Happy Birthday, Christie!

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