Christie Brinkley celebrates 65th birthday in a sexy minidress: 'Do you ever age?'

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    I find that most models age very well, even those who have had no botox, etc. It's genetics and great bone structure. My mom and her best friend were models but both had a few beauty "treatments" done...and boy do they look great at 83 and 84!!
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    There is no arguing that Ms. Brinkley is a beautiful woman, but I can almost guarantee you she has had extensive work done (collagen, juvederm, etc) to her face. Genetics play a big part, sure, but every one ages to some extent. When you have unlimited resources, it is easy to 'maintain' yourself in this manner. For the average person, we have to rely solely on genetics, eating healthy and working out. Very few, if any of us, can hope for her outcome without 'extra' help. My only disappointment in this is the unrealistic message it send to young girls about the expectations of what you should look like as 'senior citizen'. If genetically you are blessed with young looks, that's awesome, but we shouldn't promote a message that says this is the norm at 65.
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    You'll notice that there are no close up's in these "age defying articles" because as good as you can look the skin will still age, and that is not yo say anything negative, but there is nothing wrong with getting older and these articles make it seem like there is.
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    blue nutz
    She looks amazing, but I bet that every woman could look just amazing as her, if they didn’t have to work everyday and than come home and work some more, have a personal trainer and chef, access to high beauty treatments and millionaire husbands.
    Her genetic have something to do with her looks, some are blessed. Another is Cindy Crawford. She looks amazing for her age, as does Elle MacPherson. Some women have in natural and science enhancies it. Others, well not so much
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    I think she looks great, I’m 66 and still have a good body. I eat right, same weight as age 16 , no smoking or drinking and I exercise everyday. I’m a retire nurse I’m not wealthy but I take care of myself
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    No doubt Ms. Brinkley looks astonishingly good for her age or any age for that matter.
    I'd put her adjacent to some women in their twenties, and she'd come out leaps and bounds ahead.
    On the other hand Brigitte Bardot - although currently in her mid-eighties - has not aged very well.
    Even in her mid sixties Brigitte Bardot looked quiet weathered and wizened.
    In her younger years though, Bardot was an absolute wonder of magnanimous beauty and proportion.
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    She looks great at her age, and she has a stunning body. However, it is so noticeable that her face had quite a bit of work done to it.
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    She has had a little "work" done, but seriously, she has kept herself fit and her skin in beautiful condition.
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    Now that's a Super Model. Not like the wanna bes Jenner, Hadids of today
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    She is lovely. My wife is 65 too ans is ageless (almost) She has a neat figure