Chrissy Teigen Wears a Night Guard for Teeth Grinding (So Sexy — Seriously!)

(Photo: Twitter/Chrissy Teigen)
(Photo: Twitter/Chrissy Teigen)

Teeth grinders, rejoice! It’s officially sexy to wear a night guard! That might not have been Chrissy Teigen’s point when she shared of video wearing hers, but that’s exactly what she proved. Because Chrissy Teigen looks sexy in everything.

The model shared a selfie video on Snapchat and Twitter on Wednesday in which she models her clear retainer. In the close-up, the gorgeous gal snaps her teeth and says, “super sexy,” which she is, even with a slight speech impediment caused by the piece. She captioned the video cheekily: “Life of grind.”

Of course, Teigen does look super sexy, even if night guards aren’t the sexiest accessory. She could look sexy with a lampshade — which she has proven before.

And while we don’t necessarily consider ourselves as modelesque as Teigen, we take this is as a good sign. If she can wear her night guard with pride, why can’t we? Maybe now we won’t be so embarrassed when we have to slip it in before passing out with a new boo. Our excuse is the same for every weird trend we try after a celebrity does: Teigen wears one!

And, more importantly (we guess), we can finally kick the teeth grinding habit glamorously!

Teigen’s talked about her teeth grinding before. Just last week she revealed her problem, blaming it on the current president.

She also revealed that she “had” to get Botox in her jaw to “relieve tension from constantly clenching,” demanding POTUS pay her bills.

It’s been a long road to recovery for Teigen and her teeth grinding. She told a Twitter follower that while she has her night guard, she always forgets to wear it…plus, it makes her drool. And who would submit themselves to that?

Apparently, it’s gotten so bad that she’s given in. Because, beauty isn’t worth that much pain.

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