Chrissy Teigen goes makeup-free to share postpartum skincare routine

chrissy teigen postpartum skincare routine
Chrissy shares her postpartum skincare routineGetty Images

Chrissy Teigen is one to keep in real. From revealing her natural hair length (sans-extensions) to leaky nipple pics, there's not much the mum-of-three won't share with her fans... Because apparently, nothing says postpartum authenticity like milk stains! I mean, I wouldn't know but going by this information, I dread to find out.

Alas, I digress, for today, Chrissy has kept said leaky nipple at bay with instead, a video walking us through her post-baby skincare routine. As she put it in the caption of her Instagram post: "Everyone has been asking me about my skincare routine post baby! my skin is still finding its way so I keep it easy peasy with a few of my favourites that I use every single morning," she writes.

Keeping it au naturale, in the vid the actor is, of course, makeup-free and wears her post-shower hair in a towel turban. #Relatable, much?

But let's delve into what you're all here for, shall we? Aka, the products used on her – what I must say is – glowing skin. To kick off, Chrissy goes in with iS Clinical Pro-Heal Serum Advance+, £90 and taps gently into the skin. Now, this is certainly a Cosmo-approved technique.

Next up comes the retinol (cheers with pride), and Chrissy has chosen to use the Shani Darden Skin Care Retinol Reform, £80. Yes, it's pricey but a good'un created by Hollywood's favourite expert aesthetician. This is then followed by the iS Clinical Reparative Moisture Emulsion, £100.

After moisturising, Chrissy opts to spritz her face with a toner and it's by the brand Loved01, created by her husband, John Legend. Unfortunately, this is yet to be made available in the UK, however, here's holding out hope for a launch later this year.

Finally, the star tops off her routine with the LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask, £19. After all, there's nothing worse than chapped, dry lips and this is certainly a product to combat that!

Oh, and in case you missed the in-copy links (hint, hint), you can also shop all the products mentioned below. Thank me later.

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