Chrissy Teigen bought five wedding dresses because she ‘felt guilty’

It was a rather extravagant purchase. (Getty Images)
It was a rather extravagant purchase. (Getty Images)

Chrissy Teigen has admitted she bought five wedding dresses because she “felt guilty” for trying them on in the shop.

The reveal came about after a fan tweeted her to reveal a story she remembers from when she bumped into the 34-year-old in Barney’s department store.

“One time I saw you at barneys and you bought a Celine bag so you wouldn’t feel guilty about asking to use the bathroom. I knew I loved you before but that solidified it,” the fan wrote.

“Wowowowow anyone that knows me knows this is very true all too often,” Teigen wrote in response to the tweet.

It’s all too easy to feel guilty in these types of situations, but us mere mortals usually opt for a bottle of water in exchange for a trip to the toilet.

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Teigen’s extravagant guilt purchases didn’t end with the Celine bag, though.

Before her wedding to John Legend in 2003, the model admitted to buying five (yes, you read that correctly) wedding dresses after feeling guilty for trying them on in store.

Teigen shifted the conversation over to her Instagram stories where she shared a message from a friend who poked fun out of her for her guilt-ridden feelings.

“Sort of like that time you bought like 5 wedding dresses you knew you would never actually wear because you felt guilty about 'just trying on dresses' which is precisely the point of TRYING ON wedding dresses I love you,” her friend said in a private message which Teigen shared.

“THOSE WENT TO GREAT HOMES,” Teigen shared, suggesting that she either sold the dresses or gave them away to charity.

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Yes, five dresses may seem a little excessive, but on her wedding day, Teigen managed three wedding dress outfit changes in a day in true CT style.

All three of her dresses were designed by Vera Wang.

Fans were divided into two camps with regards to how Teigen spends her money.

“This is called spoiled. Use a Starbucks and donate that wasted money,” one angry tweeter wrote.

“This is one of those tacky non self aware millionaire tweets, fyi,” somebody else pointed out.

Others jumped to Teigen’s defence, saying she’s entitled to spend her money however she wants.

“When can we just admit that there are areas where ALL OF US are tone deaf and let Chrissy live her life. I can’t relate to the money spent but I sure as hell can relate to the experience. Let her be! She was making a joke and it was funny,” one fan said.

Another added: “Why are people surprised that Chrissy is rich? Sure, I've only been able to afford a Snickers to save my bladder from sudden doom but I know my bank account.”