Chris Pine reveals the hilarious reason behind shaving his long hair off

Last spring, Chris Pine made major headlines. From his starring role in the hit 2022 film, Don't Worry Darling (anybody else still reeling from it?) to *that* infamous Harry Styles 'spitting gate' moment... awks, we (read: Twitter) just couldn't get enough of him. And just when we thought his antics couldn't be topped, the actor gave us all another talking point to mull over, cutting all of his hair off. No, I'm still not over it.

But what makes now so monumental that we're revisiting the long, luscious locks we've lost? Well, in a recent video interview with Esquire, Chris revealed the reason behind the big chop and surprisingly, it's beyond our wildest beliefs.

"I thought I was looking pretty fly. The hair was long and everything was happening and my publicist said that I looked like Rachel from Friends. I couldn't unhear it and it was the first day of my first time in Venice", Chris explained.

And I– Rachel, from Friends... no, I'm not laughing, you are....

Now, to gauge a sense of the dramatic transformation – for that's exactly what it is – let's first reminisce on that Rachel-like (soz, Chris) bob:

venice, italy   september 05 chris pine attends the dont worry darling red carpet at the 79th venice international film festival on september 05, 2022 in venice, italy photo by john phillipsgetty images
John Phillips - Getty Images

Not forgetting the comparison, ofc:

rachel green friends 90s haircut
Getty Images

Having said that, Chris' new(ish) shaved hairdo is actually very much a look. Although the actor's shoulder-length dirty blonde bob is no more, he's now sporting his natural grey hairs and he looks great. But ICYMI, to debut the look, Chris took to the 2022 Children's Hospital Gala red carpet in Los Angeles alongside his father.

santa monica, california   october 08 chris pine attends childrens hospital los angeles 2022 chla gala at barker hangar on october 08, 2022 in santa monica, california photo by momodu mansaraygetty images
Momodu Mansaray - Getty Images

IDK about you, but IMO, all three are head-turners. But the real question is, what does Jennifer Aniston herself think?

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