Chris Evans celebrates one year of sobriety after health scare

Chris Evans has celebrated one year of sobriety following a health scare last year.

The 58-year-old Virgin Radio presenter was diagnosed with skin cancer in August 2023, and was given the “all-clear” after eight weeks of treatment, undergoing surgery to remove a malignant growth from his leg. At the time, he admitted he “didn’t sleep” after the diagnosis.

The TFI Friday star has now said he feels “amazing”, as he shared an update on the lifestyle changes he’s implemented since.

“Happy Soberversary to us,” Evans wrote on Instagram under a picture with his wife and professional golfer Natasha Shishmanian.

“One year alcohol free today. Feels amazing. Year 2 starts tomorrow.”

Many of the radio host’s famous friends congratulated the couple on their achievement.

“It’s quite a thing isn’t drop the alcohol. I’m finding people’s reactions interesting. Congrats... looks like it’s doing you both good!” wrote TV presenter Julia Bradbury who is in remission after a breast cancer diagnosis in 2021.

Strictly Come Dancing star Angela Scanlon wrote “Gorgeous pic of you both” while TV personality and author Fearne Cotton shared multiple celebratory raised hands emojis.

 (Instagram @chrisevanstfi)
(Instagram @chrisevanstfi)

In September last year, Evans and Shishmanian shared a picture of themselves celebrating 90 days of sobriety as they received their Alcoholics Anonymous Green Chip.

At the time Evans wrote that he felt “great” for a multitude of reasons including, “self-care”, “purpose”, and “service of others”.

Speaking about his cancer treatment at the time he was given the all-clear, Evans explained, “I had a phone conversation with my dermatologist, and she told me that, obviously, the freckle that had moved, metastasised, was malignant, because the biopsy had come back, and that I would need treatment, and would have to have it removed. So we did, and that was last Thursday.

“And so, at quarter-to-four last Thursday, I had cancer and at quarter-to-five, I didn’t. And I just found that out last night. And that’s because time is your biggest weapon against it, if you have an abundance of it, and its biggest weapon against you if you have a lack of it.”

Evans, who is also known for hosting TV series such as The Big Breakfast on Channel 4 and Top Gear for the BBC, went on to implore listeners to seek medical advice if they experience cancer symptoms.

In his 2015 autobiography, Call the Midlife, the writer reflected on his alcohol intake as he shared he’d been to Alcoholics Anonymous to discuss the impact of his drinking.

“Do I drink too much, do I have anything to worry about? [I discussed] all of these things that play on my mind,” he wrote.