Choppy bobs are set to be the biggest hair trend heading into 2023

chopped bob haircuts
Choppy bobs are the 'It' hair trend for 2023Vivien Killilea - Getty Images

The last few months we've enjoyed the most chaotic mix of celebs going short with their hair; Jenna Ortega, Emma Watson, Nicole Scherzinger, Michelle Pfeiffer, Avril Lavigne, the list goes on. Here on the Cosmo Beauty Team, we go to sleep manifesting for celebrities to have snipped it all off, or dyed it purple by the time we get to our laptops in the morning. We live for it. Cut it all off! Cut it all off! And luckily there could be a heap more short hair transformations on the way for us to delight you with in 2023, that is, if Look Fantastic's annual beauty report for 2022 is anything to go by.

When you reach the end of the beauty retailer's data-led run through of everything big in 2022, you'll hit the trend forecasts for 2023 ⁠— if the report is a 12 course meal, this is dessert. And there's always room for dessert.

Here, it identifies "chopped bob haircuts" are going to be in in a big way, with searches for the term up 550% (here's looking at you Jenna), think of a cross between your classic bob and the popular shaggy wolf cuts of late.

The report predicts shorter easy to maintain hair in general set to dominate, saying; "bobs and lobs will reign the hair scene." And all I can say is bring it on. I mean for everyone else, not me, no way. My hair grows slower than a 25 year old 5'10 man who still thinks he's going to reach 6'. But for those of you lucky enough to have hair that grows quickly enough to partake in trends, please, indulge us.

As I type this with my micro french nails (search up 235%), I couldn't be more excited for the transformations in store. And you can bet we'll keep you posted on all of them.

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