Nation's favourite chocolates ranked, from Quality Street to Celebrations

Chocolate selection boxes: Which is your favourite? [Photo: Getty]
Chocolate selection boxes: Which is your favourite? (Getty)

It’s an annual debate. When the Christmas chocolates get passed around, young and old alike provide passionate, and unsolicited, opinions about which variety is the best.

Whether it’s Celebrations, Quality Street, Roses or Heroes, everyone has their favourite.

In a bid to settle the “Chocolate Box Debate” once and for all, marketing agency iProspectUK has released an analysis of all four main selection boxes.

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The UK’s favourite chocolate selection box

  1. Celebrations - 36.98%

  2. Heroes - 23.88%

  3. Quality Street - 22.98%

  4. Roses - 16.43%

The UK’s favourite chocolate

As for the nation’s favourite, it’s...*drum roll please* the Celebrations’ Maltesers Teaser, with 49% of the UK voting it number one.

Curiously, there are only eight of these, on average, in a Celebrations tin, meaning there’s just a 11.5% chance of you snaring the nation’s favourite if you choose at random.

The nation's favourite selection box chocolates, ranked. [Photo: iProspectUK]
The nation's favourite selection box chocolates, ranked. [Photo: iProspectUK]

In second place, it’s the Roses’ Golden Barrel – meaning even though the selection box itself is the nation’s least favourite, it’s not biased the nation against this caramel-filled sweet.

Other sweets included on the top “God tier” included the Heroes’ Wispa, Twirl and Dairy Milk.

The fifth and bottom tier was made up exclusively of Quality Street offerings: including the Toffee Penny and the Chocolate Caramel Brownie (a new addition).

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Bottom of the list came the Quality Street’s Coconut Eclair, with only 2.5% of respondents voting it their favourite.

Yahoo UK’s favourite chocolate

Earlier this month, the Yahoo office was divided over a tub of Celebrations – ranked very different by two different staffers.

The debate centred around Bounty sweets – which were ranked top by one person and bottom by the other.

In the iProspectUK ranking, the Bounty sweet was in the fourth, penultimate tier – but at least favoured better than the Quality Street Coconut Eclair in last place.

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