You can stay in a dreamy Chocolate Orange-themed hotel room in France

Chocoholics can stay in this Chocolate Orange-inspired hotel room. (Club Med/La Rosiere)
Chocoholics can stay in this Chocolate Orange-inspired hotel room. (Club Med/La Rosiere)

Scooch over selection boxes, Terry’s Chocolate Orange is one of our favourite festive chocs.

If you’re also a fan of the fruity chocolate, you may be intrigued to learn that you can now spend a night in a chocolate orange-themed hotel room, which comes with an unlimited supply of the sweet treat.

Club Med in La Rosière, France, has kitted out an entire room with chocolate orange-themed decor.

We’re not just talking about a splash of orange on the walls, or a couple of segments on your pillow, the designers have literally gone all out to make sure guests get an immersive chocolate experience.

Choccie fans can relax on the chocolate orange printed bedding, complete with wedge-shaped headboard, indulge in a chocolate orange cocktail and even wipe their bottoms using the chocolate scented toilet paper.

We told you it was extra!

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The chocolate-themed room is on the slopes in France. (Club Med/La Rosiere)
The chocolate-themed room is by ski slopes in France. (Club Med/La Rosiere)

The room also features a real Christmas tree decorated with chocolate orange baubles and personalised stockings which are, of course, packed with chocolate orange treats.

Room service includes orange hot chocolate and chocolate orange truffles, which they promise won’t run out.

Should you wish to leave the confines of your chocolate-inspired room to head to the slopes, you’ll have some custom chocolate orange skis to whizz around on.

Or you can just watch the action and take in the 180º panoramic views across the snow-covered slopes from your balcony.

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Although the room is not yet open, if you fancy immersing yourself in the chocolate orange lifestyle this Christmas, you can book a stay through Club Med’s website, with prices starting from £93 per person per night.

It is worth noting, however, that Brits will need to self-isolate for two weeks after their holiday, as France is still on the UK’s quarantine list.

But that much chocolate, might just be worth 14 days at home.

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