Chocolate Orange mayonnaise and other festive food mash-ups you didn't know you needed

Fancy testing out Chocolate Orange flavoured mayonnaise this Chrsitmas? (Heinz/Terry's)
Fancy testing out Chocolate Orange flavoured mayonnaise this Chrsitmas? (Heinz/Terry's)

While we all love Christmas food, there's no denying it can be a little samey, so who can blame supermarkets and seasonal chefs for trying to switch up the festive food game?

From chocolate orange flavoured mayonnaise, to sprouts infused with Marmite and a pigs in blanket trifle, Christmas 2021, it seems, is the year of the weird and wonderful winter offerings.

But while some flavour combos sound utterly dreamy, others are sure to push the palette a pig in blanket too far.

Case in point: the most recent unconventional festive food mash-up, which sees Terry's Chocolate Orange mixed with Heinz Mayonnaise.

Yep you heard right - that's mayo that tastes like the festive fave stocking-filler.

Far from being a very early April Fools’ Day joke, Heinz says it has created the ultimate in Yuletide pairings, specially designed to delight your tastebuds this Christmas.

What's more they claim it is delicious.

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Delicious or monstrous? (Heinz/Terry's)
Delicious or monstrous? (Heinz/Terry's)

To create the unusual sweet and savoury amalgamation, the bods at Heinz blended Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayonnaise with melted Terry’s Chocolate Orange segments, crème patissière and an extra dollop of Terry’s Chocolate Orange’s signature real orange oil for good measure.

The result, it says, is a smooth and delicious spread that works perfectly spooned onto your festive desserts or spread onto brioche, crumpets, pancakes, or croissants.

"Or straight outta the jar if you wish, we’re not judging," they add. "You do you - it is Christmas after all."

You won’t be able to pick it up in your local supermarket, but can be in with a chance of winning one of 200 jars by heading to the Heinz competition page and their social media.

The contest will run from today (December 1) until December 13, so be quick if you want to be in with a chance of testing out the unique mash-up.

Commenting on the new launch, Maria Jantchi, sauces senior brand manager, at Heinz, said: “Here at Heinz, we are always innovating, and love creating fun new limited-edition products that we know our fans will love. So, this year we set out to create the most Christmassy Mayo that we could think of.

"And who better to partner with for that than the iconic Terry’s Chocolate Orange, everyone’s favourite Christmas treat? And so, after months of development, we are absolutely delighted to be launching the world’s first-ever Chocolate Orange Mayo, just in time for Christmas."

While we certainly appreciate the efforts to switch things up this Christmas, we might just keep our mayonnaise and Chocolate Orange separate. Thanks all the same.

This trifle with a twist has soft sweet brioche soaked in Cointreau flavoured cranberry sauce, pigs in blankets, potato and crumbled candied bacon (The Jolly Hog / Pigsty Restaurant)
This trifle with a twist has soft sweet brioche soaked in Cointreau flavoured cranberry sauce, pigs in blankets, potato and crumbled candied bacon (The Jolly Hog / Pigsty Restaurant)

Heinz and Terry's aren't the only brands experimenting with flavour this festive season.

Pigs in blanket fans are sure to have their love of the tasty treat tested with the UK’s first ever Christmas Dinner Trifle.

Hailed by millions as the best bit of Christmas dinner, the bacon wrapped sausage has been put centre stage at The Jolly Hog who, alongside chefs at the Pigsty, have created an entire menu dedicated to the bougie banger, including the show-stopping Christmas Dinner Trifle.

Containing layers of creamy mash, cranberry-soaked brioche and of course the star ingredient, pigs in blankets, the savoury trifle is just one of the dishes on offer at the world’s first restaurant dedicated to the bacon wrapped sausage.

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But those who have a sweet tooth can feast on some other weird and wonderful dessert options including PIBfiteroles bursting with bacon jam, to warm candy bacon and apple ‘Hognuts’ topped with a miniature version of the bacon and sausage side.

To wash it all down, attendees can sip on bacon-spiked cocktails garnished with… you guessed it, more pigs in blankets!

The restaurant will serve twists on cocktails usually favoured on Christmas morning, such as ‘Bucks PIBzz’ and the ‘Bloody Percy’.

However, those who want to try the limited-edition menu will have to be quick. The pop-up will be open for just three days in December, opening its doors on Friday, 3 December, until Sunday, 5 December (also National Pigs in Blankets Day).

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Sprout flavoured camembert anyone? (Aldi)
Sprout flavoured camembert anyone? (Aldi)

Sprouts have also been joined by some weird and wacky flavour pairings this festive season.

Whether you love them or hate them, Brussels sprouts are staple Christmas dinner offering for many households at Christmas, and some supermarkets are having fun with that fact.

First up is Aldi - which has gone and made the divisive vegetable the star ingredient for their newest festive food addition, the Pesto Sprout Camembert.

The rather unique sounding Specially Selected Baking Camembert with Sprout Pesto combines the taste of both cheese and sprouts, and it costs just £2.99.

Featuring an interesting combination of both sprout pesto and classic Camembert cheese, this quirky festive food has arrived perfectly in time for those sharing platters you'll be arranging for your Christmas party (should they be allowed to go ahead of course!).

Meanwhile, in Marks and Spencer's sprout twist they have combined the controversial trimming with another love it or hate it product - Marmite.

Yep, you can now buy the divisive Brussels sprouts topped with Marmite and butter especially for Christmas.

The Marmite sprouts – shredded Brussels sprouts with a Marmite butter – cost £2.50, 300g.

"Totally delicious, the Marmite butter melts to create the ultimate sprouts this Christmas," M&S says of the unusual combo.

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As if sprouts weren't divisive enough already. (M&S)
As if sprouts weren't divisive enough already. (M&S)

When it comes to festive tipples there are some boundary-pushing options here too, with a Christmas beer made from green peas and marinated red cabbage becoming a huge seasonal hit in Iceland, flying off the shelves within hours.

Made by a small Reykjavik brewery, the recipe for 'Ora Jolabjor' — Ora Christmas Beer — is inspired by Iceland's Christmas dinner.

The nation's festive feast typically features peas and red cabbage alongside smoked leg of lamb and caramelised potatoes.

The new ale, which has 5.2% alcohol content, is the brainchild of Valgeir Valgeirsson, a master brewer at RVK Brewing, who has mixed peas and cabbage with malt, hops and cloves to create his unusual taste combination.

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