Chips Ahoy! Cookies Are Changing for the First Time in 10 Years

They're making "mmmprovements!"

<p>Chips Ahoy</p>

Chips Ahoy

Normally, we’re big proponents of making the recipe yourself since everyone knows everything tastes better homemade. But when it comes to some little treats, you’re better off leaving it to the experts. We’d never tell you to try to recreate the magic of an Oreo, Nutter Butter, or Chips Ahoy! cookie at home—because, let’s face it, you just can’t.

Be honest: the chocolate chip Chips Ahoy! cookie holds a special place in our hearts. It might have been your favorite childhood lunchbox snack or the sweet treat you sneak when your kids are in bed. Either way, no one can resist the delicious, chocolatey, crunchy cookie—and don’t even get us started on its Reese’s collab or chocolate chunk varieties.

The beloved Chips Ahoy! cookie has been gracing our tastebuds since 1963. And despite being a fan-favorite for more than 60 years, the brand knows there’s always room for improvement. Or “MMMprovement” as they call it.

That’s why Chips Ahoy! decided to change its original chocolate chip cookie recipe for the first time in nearly 10 years.

Chips Ahoy! Launches New & "MMMproved" Cookies

<p>Chips Ahoy!/Allrecipes</p>

Chips Ahoy!/Allrecipes

Chips Ahoy! is currently rolling out its new and improved Original Cookie. The new cookie features a refreshed recipe and a facelift for the OG blue bag packaging.

Its new recipe is centered around the chocolate chip—because you can’t have a delicious chocolate chip cookie without the perfect chocolate chip. The new chocolate chip features a higher cacao content and higher Madagascar vanilla extract concentrate. This creates a less bitter, tastier chocolate that Chips Ahoy! says is “just right.”

This new chocolate chip is exclusive to Chips Ahoy!—so you won’t find it in any other chocolate chip cookie on the market.

In addition to the new chocolate, the cookie itself will have a richer flavor and better texture, thanks to Chips Ahoy!’s new mixing process.

These minor improvements will result in an all-around better cookie experience unique to the Chips! Ahoy brand.

Along with its updated recipe, Chips Ahoy! is changing its blue bag packaging a bit, too. The bag will be more modern with a matte finish and graffiti design highlighting how “The cookie you love just got even better!” The new blue bag with a prominent photo of the “MMMproved” cookie will stand out on shelves everywhere.

Currently, these changes are only being made to the original crunchy cookie. The Chewy, Chunky, and other cookie flavors will still be made with their original recipes.

We Tried the Improved Chips! Ahoy

<p>Bailey Fink</p>

Bailey Fink

Don’t believe the change could make that big of a difference? We tried the original and new cookies side-by-side and were blown away by the improved cookie. It’s crispier, has a deeper vanilla flavor, and the new chocolate chip tastes a bit darker than the original.

If you thought Chips Ahoy! cookies were great before (who didn’t?), just wait until you try the “MMMproved” version—it might just change your snacking game forever.

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