Chinese New Year fashion collections: Ring in the Year of the Pig with Gucci, Dior, Moschino and other designers

Megan C. Hills

With Chinese New Year this week, people all around the world are gearing up to welcome the lunar new year. As we say goodbye to the year of the Dog and the Pig takes its place, a few luxury brands are going the extra mile to celebrate Chinese New Year by dropping limited lines themed around the holiday - just in time for the tradition of buying new clothes for the year to come.

If you need a little primer on what Chinese New Year is, it’s the start of the lunar new year and celebrated widely in China as well as by families who have moved across the world. The lunar calendar follows a twelve year cycle, in which every year corresponds to a different zodiac animal. Those born in the year of a certain animal are said to take on its personality traits. (So for example, those born in the year of the dog are said to be very loyal and those born in the pig are said to be very happy.) The exact date differs from year to year, but this year it will be held on 5th February, and run until the 19th.

One major tradition during Chinese New Year is to buy new clothing to symbolise “a new start and fresh hopes for the New Year” according to China Highlights - particularly in the colours of red and gold, which are considered to be lucky and bring prosperity into the home.

A few luxury brands have honoured the tradition by releasing special holiday capsules, with a number of fun takes on both the colour scheme and the new zodiac animal. From Moschino’s Looney Toon line to Olympia Le Tan’s cultural collection, here’s a few we’ve got our eye on this season. Gong Hei Fat Choy and Xin Nian Kuai Le, everybody!

Gucci Chinese New Year collection


This year, Gucci ‘s Chinese New Year collection is making massive waves on the Internet - especially after YouTuber Jeffree Star gifted (almost) the entire line to fellow influencer Shane Dawson in a viral video. The brand made Disney’s Three Little Pigs cartoon a central motif of the capsule collection, which features the pigs on backpacks, sweaters, shoes and more.

Ophidia GG Backpack with Three Little Pigs

This backpack is given a Chinese New Year x Disney update with a motif of the Three Little Pigs on top of the iconic monogram.

£1,150 | Gucci | Buy it now

Dior Chinese New Year Collection

You've almost certainly seen Dior's new take on their classic Toile de Jouy pattern and this Chinese New Year, they've reinvented this in a lucky red colour way. If you look closely, it's woven through with red hydrangeas which the brand describe as symbols of "grace, gratitude and prosperity". You'll find the pattern on bags, wallets, scarves, shoes and more this year - including their cult favourite Book Tote, below.

Dior Book Tote Toile de Jouy Bag

Moschino Chinese New Year collection

Moschino and Gucci have both taken the cartoon theme and run with it, only Moschino has made Porky Pig and his wife Petunia of the Looney Toons fame the hero this lunar new year with this leather backpack.

Moschino Porky Pig backpack

This backpack will take you right back to sitting in front of the telly, waiting for Porky Pig and Bugs Bunny to pal around. Note Porky and Petunia's street wear threads.

£580 | Selfridges | Buy it now

Olympia Le-Tan Chinese New Year collection

Veering away from pig imagery, Olympia Le-Tan teamed up with Met Gala bigwig Wendy Yu for a Chinese New Year collection. The four piece collection is an ultra limited line, as each one takes as long as 300 hours to make and there are only 16 available in each style at NET-A-PORTER and The Shop at Bluebird - so you’ll want to scoop yours up fast. Drawing on vintage matchboxes and books for inspiration, those in the know will be hit with a bout of nostalgia after spotting the traditional White Rabbit sweet wrappers in the line.

Olympia Le-Tan x Wendy Yu Zodiac Embroidered Canvas Clutch

This black box clutch from Olympia Le-Tan is one that'll serve you well for the Chinese New Year celebrations to come, as it features every single zodiac animal.

£1,335 | NET-A-PORTER | Buy it now

Chopard Chinese New Year collection

As is tradition over at Chopard, the luxury watch designer has unveiled another limited edition zodiac watch featuring an Urushi pig-themed clock face. There are only 88 pieces available - 8 is widely regarded as a lucky number in Chinese culture.

L.U.C XP Urushi Year of the Pig watch

This watch is crafted from 18ct rose gold and features a detailed clock face, created by Japanese masters of the Urushi art form.

£18,317 | Chopard | Buy it now