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Chill out! 10 cooling gizmos to get you through the heat wave, starting at $8

Even the steamiest summer days will feel breezy with smart buys like neck fans, moisture-wicking bedding and portable A/C.

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This summer's been a scorcher, and it doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon. And while you may want to avoid the sticky, sweaty weather altogether and stay inside with the A/C blasting, that's not exactly a reality (or, let's face it, good for your wallet). But there are other ways to chill out, both at home or out and about, so we've rounded up some highly-rated products from Amazon that can help you cool off. From a portable air conditioner to a lightweight neck fan, these cooling gadgets and gizmos can give you a break from the heat.

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This mini fan gives you a blast of cool air whenever and wherever you need it — like when you get back in your car after shopping and it's turned into a roaster. This handy number also boasts 21 hours of battery life, a backup charger and a flashlight. Around 43,000 five-star Amazon shoppers agree this dynamo is one to toss in your tote ASAP.

"People, when I tell you that this saved me ... I'm not kidding!" raved this fan. "I particularly enjoyed that it's also a flashlight (which I used on more than one occasion) and can charge your phone in a pinch! And it does, indeed, do both of these things really, really well!"

$18 at Amazon

Run this towel under cold water for just ten seconds, then wring it out and drape it around your neck for up to two hours of cooling relief. And while it's wrapped around you, its UPF 50+ fabric will protect you from the sun's harmful rays.

"Traveled with this and it really cooled me off on some strenuous hikes in warm weather. The pouch it comes in is great too; it keeps the towel small and has a hook to attach it to a backpack or purse," one five-star fan wrote.

$10 at Amazon

One side of this pillowcase is made from breathable, 100% cotton, and the other is a Japanese-designed fabric that's engineered to absorb body heat to help you feel cool while you sleep. More than 8,000 sweaty sleepers say it helps them get a cool, dry night's rest. 

"I'm a warm person," a rave reviewer shared. "I sometimes wake up perspiring ... well I think that has changed! I sleep on the cool side of this pillowcase and no longer feel warm. And this is during a heat wave. Would recommend this to a friend."

$19 at Amazon

Makers of the Mission Cooling Bucket Hat say this water-activated topper can cool your body temperature in 30 seconds. It's crafted from lightweight fabric with UPF 50 and has a wide brim to protect your skin from the sun. More than 16,000 Amazon shoppers have given it a five-star rating.

"I bought this hat for my husband for Father's Day," wrote a generous shopper. "Due to the excess heat in our area, I gave it to him early. The cooling feature of this hat is phenomenal! After wetting down the band he can mow the lawn and do yard work while staying cool. I also like the sunscreen feature of the fabric."

$20 at Amazon

This little tube is filled with phase change material that stays cold for long periods. It's meant to be frozen and fits comfortably around your neck to give you fast relief from the heat. 

"Buy three or four — they are amazing for keeping you cooled off even in extreme heat," urged a fan. "I found that they last about 30 minutes here in Arizona, so I keep an extra couple in my cooler to rotate. They refreeze quickly and stay on your neck even while playing sports."

$22 at Amazon

The great outdoors beckon for summertime adventures. But sometimes we can overdo it, meaning our achy muscles need to chill too. The Atsuwell Ice Pack is perfect for just such misadventures. 

"I have cervical spondylitis and this is the only ice pack I have tried that covers the entire area to provide amazing relief," said one happy buyer. "It also stays cold longer than most so I can get at least 30 minutes of cooling. I am more than pleased with my purchase."

$23 at Amazon

This lightweight fan is designed to wrap comfortably around your neck. Its tiny turbine blades quietly move air around your neck to keep you comfortable. The blades are housed in food-grade silicone, which provides maximum comfort and prevents sliding. It's already cooled off more than 8,000 Amazon shoppers.

"I work inside a big box store and the air conditioning isn't the coldest in some areas," a cool customer shared. "I used this fan and it is great! It had three different speeds. I did notice if I put it on high it didn't last my entire shift. On the lowest setting, it works great too and lasts a long time. I've had a lot of people stop and ask if it works and where I got it!"

$29 at Amazon

This mattress pad is made with moisture-wicking fabric that can help regulate your body temperature while you sleep. Over 18,000 reviewers rave about the results: a more comfortable night's sleep.

"Very impressed with this product!" wrote a sound sleeper. "I am a HOT sleeper, every mattress pad we've tried literally made our body heat radiate to the point our room felt like an oven. I paired this mattress pad with 100% organic pure bamboo sheets and can not believe what a difference it made! We stayed cool all night with no sweating, and it's just plush enough to give a little extra softness to our mattress. Would definitely recommend it if you are a hot sleeper."

$40 at Amazon
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$47 at Wayfair

For those nights when it's too hot to sleep, but the idea of paying for air-conditioning also keeps you up at night, let this very portable A/C unit cool you down. It cools and dehumidifies the air, has a light-free night mode and stays quiet as a whisper. 

"This little A/C has been a lifesaver," reported a chill sleeper. "We have been battling a heat wave in Texas. It had been miserable until I bought this portable unit. It is strong enough to cool down a closed room. Quiet enough to sleep through. And it is small and compact enough to put on a nightstand. It can also work as a night-light."

$93 at Amazon
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$99 at Wayfair$99 at Lowe's

The BedJet is a favorite for sleeping if you don't have air-conditioning or just sleep really hot. It's essentially a tiny, standalone A/C unit with a tube that connects to a special two-layer top sheet. When it's on, it blows cool air into the sheet so your bed stays at the optimal temperature all night. There's a remote control to adjust the temperature and airflow the way you like it. It even has a heating function for the winter.

"How did I ever live without this?" asked a happy sleeper. "I had been stifled with night sweats for years until my friend told me about this and I finally pulled the trigger. Best money I could’ve spent. ... Seriously, now my husband and I just fight over who gets to put their feet closest to the fan. We have a queen size bed and I can literally feel cool sheets all night, even in our pillow area."

$489 at Amazon

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