Is Chick-Fil-A Gluten-Free Friendly?

Chick-fil-A meal
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Chick-fil-A's menu is packed with tasty items such as waffle fries and their tasty chicken sandwiches, whether you order it original or spicy. But, if you're eating gluten-free, you might be wondering if you can actually enjoy those menu items or if they're off-limits.

So, is Chick-fil-A's menu gluten-free friendly? As it happens, the answer is both yes and no. Although not everything the chain restaurant has to offer is gluten-free, they have gone above and beyond to ensure that there are options out there for those with dietary restrictions and allergies.

Of course, if you're eating gluten-free at Chick-fil-A, it pays to know about some of the precautions they take and how you can be sure if something is okay to eat or not. Then, kickstart your next visit to the chain by learning about a couple of different suggestions of gluten-free items you can order off the menu.

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What Measures Does Chick-Fil-A Take To Make Meals Gluten-Free?

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One thing that's important to know if you're eating gluten-free at Chick-fil-A is that when foods are being prepared in the kitchen, cross-contamination can sometimes occur. Luckily, there are a couple of foods at the chain that are pre-packaged before they even make it onto the premises, which can help ensure that they don't come into contact with gluten. A couple of these include waffle potato chips, orange juice, and milk. There's also a gluten-free bun available, which comes into the restaurants in individual packaging. However, if you ask for this item, it's important to note that it has to be removed from the package in order to make a sandwich. When this happens, it could potentially be exposed to gluten.

Besides these menu items, the chain also has several foods that, although they're not pre-packaged, could work for those trying to minimize gluten but who don't need a guarantee that there isn't any in the food. Even so, remember that meals at the chain are handcrafted, plus they work with third-party suppliers, which can lead to items containing gluten or coming into contact with it.

What Can You Order At Chick-Fil-A If You Need To Limit Gluten?

Chick-fil-A meal and drinks
Chick-fil-A meal and drinks - Bloomberg/Getty Images

For those who need to limit the amount of gluten in their meals, there are still plenty of options at Chick-fil-A. In terms of proteins, you can go for grilled nuggets or a grilled chicken sandwich instead of the typical crispy ones. If you're there in the morning, bacon and sausage patties also get the green light.

In terms of sides, the waffle potato fries are generally alright to eat, although you'll want to ask if they're prepared in a separate fryer from other gluten-containing items, such as the fried chicken. Besides the fries, the apple sauce, side salad, Greek yogurt, and fruit cup are good to go. You can also enjoy your meal paired with any drinks, including frosted coffee and lemonade, or even with a chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla milkshake.

Remember, although these menu items are generally okay for a gluten-free diet, it's always best to be extra safe. You can always ask the restaurant staff if you're unsure about how something is prepared. And, you can also double-check it against their Nutrition Guide to ensure you're not consuming something you shouldn't be. So, with these tips, if you're gluten-free, you now know what's good to go at this tasty chicken chain!

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