Cheryl Baker turned down by EastEnders after 'rubbish' audition

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Bucks Fizz star Cheryl Baker auditioned for EastEnders during lockdown but didn't get the part because she was "rubbish".

The 67-year-old tried out for a part in the BBC soap alongside one of her daughters but ruined her chances because she was so nervous, and she wants the EastEnders team to give her a second chance.

"I auditioned for EastEnders recently but I didn't get the part. I was a bit rubbish really. I was a bit nervous and didn't learn my lines properly," she said, according to Britain's Daily Star newspaper. "I don't watch any soaps - I'm not a big TV watcher at all. I think it was the part of the woman who runs the theatre school, which is something that I've done in the past.

"It was in the midst of lockdown, my daughter was reading the other part and to be perfectly honest I didn't learn my lines properly. I didn't deserve the part. However, I'd like them to give me a second chance. I'm a very optimistic person, and if something doesn't happen I believe something better is around the corner."

Cheryl, who won the Eurovision Song Contest with Bucks Fizz and their track Making Your Mind Up in 1981, admitted she has been struggling financially during the lockdown and has been dependent on royalties and making video messages for fans.

"Work-wise it has been absolutely terrible. There hasn't been any chance of earning," she confessed. "It is silly really, but I've never been very good with money, and I do still have quite a big mortgage. I've been doing these video messages and they've been very good, even though they're cheap.

"They're only £30, and out of that I get £22.50, but they do build up, and also with the old Bucks Fizz discography and royalty payments - I've recently had two payments come in, so it's the little things that help me along."