Cherie Blair slams stay-at-home mums

Former Prime Minister’s wife, and successful barrister Cherie Blair claims full-time mums are ‘unambitious’ and raise dependent children

Cherie Blair has criticised women who give up their career when they have children, labelling them unambitious and suggesting the decision impacts negatively on their kids.

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Blair, who as well as being former PM Tony Blair’s wife is a successful QC and mum of four, complained that the aim of some young women was to ‘marry a rich husband and retire’ rather than build a career of their own.

She revealed her concerns at Fortune Magazine’s Most Powerful Women event, which was attended by many high powered and successful career women.

Blair’s comments will reignite discussions over the best way to raise children. Her opinion, firmly in the working mum camp, is that motherhood is not a career and post-feminist women should be striving for both – the fabled ‘having it all’. Others, including psychologist Oliver James, have suggested children do better when their mum stays at home to raise them.

“Every woman needs to be self-sufficient,” Blair said at the event. “In that way you really don’t have a choice - for your own satisfaction; you hear these yummy mummies talk about being the best possible mother and they put all their effort into their children. I also want to be the best possible mother, but I know that my job as a mother includes bringing my children up so actually they can live without me.”

Currently, the number of working mums in the UK is higher than the number of mums who stay at home.

Are you a full time SAHM? Do you disagree with Cherie Blair’s comments?