Cher opens up about having a boyfriend 40 years younger than her

Cher opens up about having a boyfriend 40 years younger than her

Cher is opening up about the pros and cons of dating a man that is multiple decades younger than her.

The “If I could Turn Back Time” singer, 77, has been in an on-again, off-again relationship with 37-year-old music producer Alexander “AE” Edwards since last year. And although she is happy about how things are going so far, the age gap can sometimes result in unexpected issues, like when he doesn’t understand her references.

“Sometimes I’m talking to him and he has no idea who I’m talking about…” the “Believe” singer told Extra. “The other day, I said: ‘Do you know who, I don’t know, Clark Gable, [is]?’ Somebody said: ‘Yes, of course,’ but most of my references… He’ll look at me and go: ‘I wasn’t born yet.’”

But this hasn’t stopped her from continuing to stand by his side and cherish the time they spend together. “I hate to talk about how happy I am, but no, we have a great time together,” Cher told the outlet.

“We can talk music. We can talk about everything. He’s a got a great sense of humour, he’s got the cutest son in the world, ever… We just get each other,” she added.

Earlier this month, Cher admitted that it didn’t shock her to see her relationship with Edwards making headlines, joking that it was because of his looks. “Alexander’s got diamond teeth, tattoos, white hair, and he’s way younger. He’s a beautiful man,” she said in an interview with People. “Also, I think it’s fun to be interested in somebody else’s love life!”

The couple first met during a 15-minute long conversation during Paris Fashion Week last year, when a mutual friend gave Edwards Cher’s phone number.

She revealed that she had never planned on meeting a boyfriend over text, let alone someone that much younger than her.

“It was really shocking, because people just don’t give out my number,”she recalled. “I had been telling all my friends: ‘We’re too old to go out with really younger men, and I will never fall in love on text.’ So I did what I said not to do!”

The singer said she let go of her plans for Edwards because “he’s just so special”.

“I hate when people say people are special, but lots of people say I’m special, so I can say that he’s special,” Cher admitted. “No matter what happens, I love being with him. He makes me laugh, and we have fun. What I learned is that it’s never too late. If you wrote out all the statistics, you would go: ‘Well, this is doomed.’ But we’ve been together a year, and if it was just a year, it would’ve been worth it. I’ve had the best time.”

Cher continued: “If you have happiness, you can’t think about how long it’s going to last. You have to think about ‘How does it feel?’ and live in the moment.”

Recently, the couple has taken their romantic relationship to the next level as they worked together on Cher’s recent Christmas album titled “Christmas,” which saw Edwards produce a song on the album called “Drop Top Sleigh Ride”.

The singer explained how difficult it was to give her romantic partner creative control of one of her songs, but confirmed she “had faith” in him.

“He’s a great producer,” she praised her boyfriend. “I let him do ‘Drop Top Sleigh.’ That’s a hard thing to do when you are in love with someone and then you say: ‘Okay, here, take this record and do what you want with it.’ But I had faith. And I was so thrilled.”