Chelsea Clinton following in parents' footsteps with new podcast series

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Chelsea Clinton is hoping to raise awareness about important health issues through her new podcast, In Fact.

The writer and global health advocate is following in the footsteps of her famous parents, former U.S. President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton, who both have podcasts with iHeartMedia, by launching her own series with the organisation on Tuesday.

In Fact will see Chelsea talking to an array of guests, from politicians to celebrities such as Jane Fonda, about a variety of topics including the Covid-19 pandemic, mental health, addiction and the politicisation of science.

Talking to about why now is the perfect time for the release of her new series, Chelsea explained: "I don’t want people to think public health is just synonymous with Covid or that the only vaccine they should be thinking about is the Covid vaccine. So I hope that I can help people use their focus, even maybe their worry or concern about Covid to help kind of inform on all these other public crises in our country and the world, whether climate change or addiction, guns. And everything else we’re going to talk about throughout the series. So I hope that it will feel relevant, partly because of Covid, even though it’s certainly not about Covid."