Check Out A Young King Charles At Elizabeth II's Coronation

coronation balcony
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King Charles’ coronation is quickly coming up, and the Royal Family is abuzz getting ready for the big day. However, this will actually be the King’s second coronation. In the 1950s, a young Charles looked on as his mother was crowned queen at Westminster Abbey. The prince, who was only four years old at the time, was brought along for the ride—he watched the ceremony, waved with his family from the balcony, and even took out his binoculars at one point to look out at the crowds gathered around Buckingham Palace.

In celebration of this upcoming historic event, let’s look back at young King Charles at his mother’s coronation nearly 70 years ago.

Watching from the Balcony

Prince Charles stands between his grandmother, Elizabeth the Queen Mother, and aunt, Princess Margaret, from the balcony as they watch the coronation festivities go on below. Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, lived to be 101.

royal family at coronation
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With Grandma and Princess Margaret

Here, Prince Charles can be seen whispering with his grandmother, Elizabeth the Queen Mother, during Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. The coronation ceremony took around three hours and had a procession of over 250 people.

coronation of queen elizabeth ii
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Family Photo

Queen Elizabeth is pictured here surrounded by family while posing for a photo at Buckingham Palace during her coronation day. Princess Margaret, Crown Princess Marthe of Norway, Princess Anne, and the Duke of Edinburgh can all be seen in the photo. A young Prince Charles is front and center, looking to the side.

the coronation of elizabeth ii of the united kingdom, family group at buckingham palace
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Waving from the Balcony

After the coronation ceremony, King Charles and his sister, Princess Anne, joined their parents on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to greet the crowds below. Although Princess Anne is pictured here, she was not present for the coronation ceremony as she was considered too young to attend.

coronation balcony
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An Intricate Design

In this wider shot, you can see just how colorful and extravagant everyone’s outfits were that day. For her coronation, Queen Elizabeth wore an intricately-detailed dress designed by Sir Norman Hartnell with symbols of the national emblems and Dominions embroidered on it. Fun fact: The silk to make the dress came from Lady Hart Dyke’s silk farm at Lullingstone Castle in Kent.

new sovereign
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A Bird’s Eye View

Prince Charles stands in front of the window of Buckingham Palace with his binoculars to get a better look at the crowds gathered below.

royalty coronation of queen elizabeth ii london
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