These are the cheapest travel destinations for 2024

New Delhi has been named the cheapest travel destination for 2024. (Getty Images)
New Delhi has been named the cheapest travel destination for 2024. (Getty Images)

Travelling has become somewhat of a luxury during the ongoing cost of living crisis, with cheap flights and train tickets seemingly a thing of the past.

However, it is still possible to travel on a budget – you just have to know where to go.

Luckily, analysts from Wethrift have crunched the numbers and found the cheapest travel destinations for 2024, including everywhere from Spain to Brazil and Thailand.

India’s New Delhi was named as the cheapest destination to visit this year, thanks to over 145 direct flight routes from the UK to choose from, and meals costing as little as £1.90 when you get there.

India offers public transport options for as low as 29p, and accommodation for just £39 per night.

Hanoi in Vietnam was named a close second, with drinks costing £1.06, and attraction tickets for as little as £38.19.

Egypts Cairo and Hurghada were named third and fifth on the list respectively, while Istanbul in Turkey came in at number four, with drinks for just £1.78.

Cheapest travel destinations for 2024

  1. New Delhi, India

  2. Hanoi, Vietnam

  3. Cairo, Egypt

  4. Istanbul, Turkey

  5. Hurghada, Egypt

  6. Bali, Indonesia

  7. Bangkok, Thailand

  8. Marrakech, Morocco

  9. Phuket, Thailand

  10. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  11. Madrid, Spain

  12. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

  13. Doha, Qatar

  14. Barcelona, Spain

  15. Cancun, Mexico

On the flip side, the team also revealed the most expensive destinations for 2024, with Florence, Italy taking the top spot.

This is due to accommodation costing an eye-watering £249.33 per night, and sightseeing costing £147.49 on average.

Ngoc Son Temple
Hanoi in Vietnam is the second cheapest travel destination this year. (Getty Images)

Belfast in Northern Ireland was named as the second most expensive city with a meal costing £18 and public transport setting you back at least £2.55.

Australia’s Sydney was named the third most expensive place to visit in the world, with accommodation costing £169.44 per night on average, while New York Cty cost £205 per night for accommodation, and £19.82 for a meal.

Most expensive travel destinations for 2024

  1. Florence, Italy

  2. Belfast, Northern Ireland

  3. Sydney, Australia

  4. New York City, USA

  5. London, UK

How to save money when booking a holiday

Nick Drewe, Discount Expert at Wethrift, says one of the best ways to save money on a holiday is to fly midweek.

"Booking a flight that begins midweek will often save you money, as not only are airfares cheaper during the week than on the weekend, but accommodation is likely to be cheaper as well – as long as it’s not the school holidays," he explains.

He adds that you should look to stay in apartments over hotels, and book holidays last minute where you can.

"While hotels definitely hold their own benefits, staying in an apartment or booking a place through Airbnb can really help with saving money," he says. "That’s because you will most likely have access to a kitchen during your stay, where you can cook your own meals to save money.

Sydney, Australia is one of the more expensive travel destinations. (Getty Images)

"[Booking last minute] might not be for everyone out there, especially if you have children in school, but if you can be flexible with your travel, booking last minute can score you a bargain when it comes to flights."

Other tips include making packed lunches, and using public transport where possible.

"While it might be tempting to eat out for every meal in the day, this is bound to rack up your expenses. If you’re staying in an apartment, you can do your own food shop for your stay, still buying in local foods to try and make a picnic or packed lunch to take with you on your travels," he says.

"Make the most of public transport instead of taxis. Many big cities have really good public transport links and if you plan on travelling around a lot to see all of the different sights, it can make a big difference to your savings."

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