Want to save money at the supermarket? Here's where to shop

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Lidl has been named the nation's cheapest supermarket. (Getty Images)
Lidl has been named the nation's cheapest supermarket. (Getty Images)

Shoppers hoping to spend less money on their weekly food shop should head to Lidl, as the budget chain has been named the nation’s cheapest supermarket in June, according to research by Which?

The consumer group compared the cost of a trolley of 78 items, which included both own-brand products and branded items, such as Kenco Millicano coffee, Oxo stock cubes and Twinings English breakfast tea.

On average, shoppers would have paid £72.02 at Lidl, compared to £72.23 at rival Aldi. That’s only a minor saving of 21p, but at one mainstream supermarket the total was £40 more expensive.

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Asda was the cheapest of the ‘big four’ supermarkets, with the bill for the 78 items coming to £80.15, whereas at Waitrose the total was £111.77.

Discounts and special offers were dropped by many supermarkets earlier this year to discourage people from buying more than they need. Money-off deals have now started to return to stores, but so far Sainsbury’s is the only supermarket that appears to have returned to pre-lockdown levels of promotions, according to research by The Grocer.

This is the first time Aldi and Lidl have been included in the monthly comparison since the UK went into coronavirus lockdown in March, as researchers were unable to visit stores and the two chains don’t list their grocery prices online.

But as lockdown restrictions have begun to ease, the Which? researchers were able to start visiting branches again and more shoppers will once again be able to take advantage of their deals.

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