The Chase's Anne Hegerty shocks Bradley Walsh with 'you're dead' statement

On the latest episode of The Chase, Bradley Walsh introduced us to hopeful contestants Jim, 54, Anna, 21, Pam, 70, and Jay, 34, all eager to leave with a heavier wallet.

Edinburgh native Jim was first up and shared with ITV viewers his dream of using any winnings towards a house purchase, though he humorously admitted a desire to splurge on his figure-collecting passion.

After racking up an impressive £9,000 in the cashbuilder, it was time for Jim to face one of the formidable Chasers. Bradley Walsh, 64, couldn't resist making a playful quip about Anne 'The Governess' Hegerty being an "old bird" as he readied the contestants for their potential opponent.

Bradley Walsh
Bradley made a 'savage' joke about Anne -Credit:(Image: ITV)

Realising his comment might not sit well with Anne, who's only a year his senior, Bradley nervously expressed his hope that it wouldn't be her they'd face, preferring Paul Sinah instead.

Despite Bradley's concerns, the team actually hoped for Anne, and as fate would have it, she was revealed as their challenger. A visibly anxious Bradley tried to shift the blame onto Jim as Anne took her seat, declaring, "Jim said it!"

But Anne wasn't having any of it, fixing Bradley with a serious gaze and responding: "You're dead."

Bradley could only look on nervously as Jim chuckled at the situation.

Jim and Anna both made it to the final round, adding a cool £11,000 to the prize pot. Pam, who Bradley thought "looked amazing", breezed through to the final, bringing the total cash up to a whopping £19,000.

Anne Hegerty on The Chase
The contestants were left chuckling at the exchange -Credit:ITV

Jay was the last contestant of the night to face off against The Governess, after earning a respectable £8,000 in the cashbuilder round.

His teammates clapped for him as Anne reappeared on screen, offering him the chance to play for £8,000, -£7,000 or a staggering £61,000. Despite the tempting £61,000 offer, his team urged him to "stick with the £8,000".

He successfully made it to the final, meaning the four contestants were playing for a grand total of £27,000. In the nail-biting final round, they correctly answered 18 questions, but was it enough to outsmart the Chaser?

They managed to push Anne back several times and walked away with their hard-earned money, pocketing around £6,000 each.

Upon her defeat, Anne admitted: "They played really well... Yeah, very, very well played."