Charlotte Tilbury's new fragrances claim to alter moods and even boost sex drive

Charlotte Tilbury launching mood-altering fragrances credit:Bang Showbiz
Charlotte Tilbury launching mood-altering fragrances credit:Bang Showbiz

Charlotte Tilbury's new fragrances claim to give the wearer the ability to "architect" their mood.

The beauty guru’s eponymous brand teamed up with the research firm International Flavours and Fragrance (IFF) to produce the six scents in her Collection of Emotions range, including More Sex, which is said to be able to boost people's sex lives.

As quoted by Vogue, she said: "I always wanted to do this but I’d always been told I couldn’t.

“I knew I could be giving people the power to architect their day, so that’s when I started to investigate the possibilities.”

The mood-altering fragrances are Love Frequency (floral woody), Joyphoria (warm floral), Magic Energy (citrus woody), Calm Bliss (aquatic floral), More Sex (musk leather) and Cosmic Power (amber spicy).

On working with the corporation backed by decades of research that creates products across taste, texture, scent, nutrition, enzymes, cultures, soy proteins, and probiotics categories, she added: “They obviously use it to work on different fragrance notes, but never with that intention to feel. When we knew that with the neuroscience and the psychology we could create my concept… it was a heavenly match.”

Explaining the concept, she said: "One day you might want to be like, Kate Moss rock chick, and then sometimes you might feel like being a Bella [Hadid] bombshell.

“You might be going out to an event and want to feel sexy and empowered, so you might spray Magic Energy and Cosmic Power together.”

The 51-year-old makeup artist used to concoct her own perfumes and believes the combinations helped her "keep calm".

She added: “I’ve always known it could work, because I would mix up my own perfumes using raw materials like palo santo, patchouli and vanilla beans.

“I just knew that they worked to help keep me calm.”

The Collection of Emotions range launches on May 2, and don't come cheap, with a hefty price tag of £130 for a 100ml bottle.