Charli XCX has ‘never felt stronger’ in music after BRIT nomination and Billboard honour

Charli XCX
Charli XCX (Image: Terrence O'Connor)

Charli XCX has “never felt stronger” about her music after getting a BRIT Award nomination and being recognised by Billboard.

It was recently announced the ‘Vroom Vroom’ singer will receive the Powerhouse Award at this year’s Billboard Women in Music Awards. The ceremony will take place in Los Angeles on 6 March.

Reacting the ‘Hot In It’ singer said she was “very honored,” and also recognised her Pop Act BRIT nomination. “Woah,” she continued. “i’ve never felt stronger about the music i’m making and it’s defo cool to be noticed but it’s also fun to be an outsider too. so thank you!”

Charli later tweeted: “Thank u brits no cigs under the table this year i promise!”. She then wrote in a separate post: “the older i get, the more i struggle when i make my art. i have to fight my inner dialogue, my demons; the real voices and the voices in my head.

“I fight with myself about purpose and the purpose of art itself. i’ve landed in a place where I feel that one must struggle to make good art. if you do not struggle you are making art for fun or as a hobby, not because you need to. and that’s ok but that’s not me.”

The recognition is well deserved for the artist, who has released five studio albums so far. Charli, who’s worked more recently with Sam Smith and for Barbie, has been dropping hints about her next album.

“xcx6 is very much giving housewives of salt lake city,” she posted on X on Friday (26 January). Charli has also shared a post showing two dolls positioned to be looking at one another. It featured the caption: “two dumb bitches telling each other ‘exaaaaactlyyyy’.” Charli added: “this is also xcx6 btw.”

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