Charles Spencer shares 'tranquil' glimpse of family estate where Princess Diana was laid to rest

Charles Spencer in black tuxedo
Charles ensures his family Christmases are child-friendly (Paul Archuleta)

Charles Spencer has had a lot to celebrate recently, after revealing that his latest book, A Very Private School, was on the bestseller list for a month and welcoming an adorable furry addition to his family home.

On Sunday, he shared an incredible look at the gorgeous estate, where he and his sister Princess Diana grew up and where the late Princess was laid to rest following her tragic 1997 death.

Taking to Instagram, the Earl shared a stunning video, as you can see below... 

He sweetly wrote: "A goose fly-past first thing this morning, over @althorphouse - a wonderfully noisy start to the day." His followers were quick to share their appreciation for the beauty of the clip, including one who declared the scene "Very tranquil and calm."

A few days earlier, the dad-of-seven gave a rare and beautiful look at his sister's final resting place.

Charles Spencer's home Althorp House
Althorp House is set in stunning surroundings (Instagram)

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, the podcaster and writer uploaded a serene snapshot of the estate's ornamental lake, Oval Lake, which is home to Diana's gravesite.

While Charles, 59, typically shares sun-drenched images of the site, the author and historian opted to post a rare photo of the lake at sunrise, flooded with dappled golden light.

Charles Spencer in a grey suit
The Earl shared the video on social media (Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock)

In his caption, he wrote: "This morning at Althorp - such stunning light." The White Ship author, who has recently released a poignant memoir detailing his difficult experience at boarding school, grew up at Althorp House and took on the role of custodian when he became the 9th Earl Spencer after his father John died in 1992.

Althorp is set on 13,000 acres in Northamptonshire, 550 of which are the house and gardens.

Charles Spencer showing tourists around Althorp in 1977
Charles showing tourists around Althorp in 1977 (Getty)

Aside from the Oval Lake, the property also boasts walled gardens, striking shrubbery and a menagerie of colourful animals including herds of deer and two peacocks called Jim and Tim.

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While Diana was originally going to be buried in the family vault at the local church, security issues saw Charles take matters into his own hands, choosing a private island at the centre of his lake away from the prying eyes of visitors.

photo of lake surrounded by trees
Princess Diana is buried on the grounds of the Oval Lake (Instagram)

In his memoir, Spare, Charles's nephew Prince Harry explained: "The bridge had been removed, to give my mother privacy, to keep intruders away."

Recently Charles shared the sweetest childhood photo of himself with his sister Diana dressed in matching red school uniforms.

Charles Spencer at his home, Althorp House
The author's latest book is a heartfelt memoir (Instagram)

The author captioned the photo: "My first day of school, in September 1968: my father took this photograph of me and my sister, Diana, just before he drove us to Silfield, a really lovely primary school in King's Lynn, Norfolk."

He went on: "The headmistress was Miss Jean Lowe, a warm and thoughtful lady who loved her boys and girls. I was there till 1972, when I headed off to the place I call - in my memoir - A Very Private School."

Charles and Diana as children

In an interview with The Times, Charles spoke about the release of his new book and explained how his late sister cared for him after their mother left the family home.