Charles Spencer hits out at comment on Prince Harry's 'obsession' with ex Chelsy Davy

Princess Diana's brother Earl Charles Spencer, 59, has launched a fiery response on Twitter regarding a comment on Prince Harry and his ex Chelsy Davy.

The topic is in the limelight again as it was brought up during the Duke of Sussex's phone hacking trial where he is taking on Mirror Group Newspapers.

On Wednesday, Daily Mail journalist Amanda Platell wrote: "Is Harry still obsessed with former love Chelsy Davy? Harry mentions her 118 times in court evidence, Meghan just five times. No wonder Meg’s didn’t show up!"

Charles replied to her, writing: "Pathetic, @amandajplatell - you have no shame, and even less credibility. Last time I heard from you, you were guilty of libelling me, as your employer at @DailyMailUK agreed. Now you’re put up (by them?) to misrepresent significant legal evidence as if it was something trivial."

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Harry's former relationship was something brought up frequently during the trial as he was in that partnership during the time of the alleged phone hacking.

The royal blamed the UK media for his relationship breakdown. "These kinds of articles made me feel as though my relationship with Chelsy was always set to be doomed," he said.

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Prince Harry in dark suit walking into court
Prince Harry in dark suit walking into court

"Ultimately, these factors led her to make the decision that a Royal life was not for her, which was incredibly upsetting for me at the time." he continued.

Harry branded the press that followed the breakup, "hurtful" and "a little bit mean" as one of the headlines read: "Hooray Harry's dumped."

Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex arrive at the United Nations Headquarters on July 18, 2022
Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex arrive at the United Nations Headquarters on July 18, 2022

The Duke said: "[It] does seem to suggest that people are celebrating.”

The Prince also went on to say how the press influenced his general mental health. "Everything felt as though I was under 24-hour surveillance," he revealed.


In his witness statement he spoke about why he and his wife Meghan Markle felt the need to step down from being working royals. "In large part, this was due to the constant intrusion, inciting of hatred and harassment by the tabloid press into every aspect of our private lives, which had a devastating impact on our mental health and wellbeing. We were also very concerned for the security and safety of our son," he said.

Prince Harry waves to cameras
Prince Harry waves to cameras

Will Prince Harry be in court on Thursday?

It is unlikely that the Duke will appear in court on Thursday, considering he has now given his evidence on the stand. He made appearances on Tuesday and Wednesday and was cross examined for almost eight hours in total. On Monday, Harry failed to turn up to court and left his barrister Mr David Sherborne to explain to the judge why. It transpires that Harry wanted to spend all of Sunday in Montecito for his daughter Princess Lilibet's second birthday, and getting the late flight across the pond didn't allow him to be in court for Monday's proceedings.

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Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy sat smiling watching rugby together
Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy sat smiling watching rugby together

What is Prince Harry's court case about?

Prince Harry has made claims regarding Mirror Group Newspapers using illegal methods such as voicemail hacking to obtain personal information about him in order to run stories over a 10-year period.

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