Give Your Charcuterie Board A Festive Touch With Aldi's Cranberry White Cheddar

Emporium Selection Cranberry White Cheddar
Emporium Selection Cranberry White Cheddar - Instagram-@aldicheese

The holidays are getting close, which means there's a lot of planning, shopping, and cooking to do. Chances are you're going to end up hosting or attending an avalanche of seasonal cookie swaps, secret Santa parties, office gatherings, and open houses, and you don't want to show up everywhere with the same old boring cheese ball. But party food gets expensive, which is why Aldi is a great place to stock up on special occasion snacks that will keep your budget in check. This year, if you find yourself searching for deals at the German-based discount grocery store to feed all the hungry carolers and coworkers in your life, keep an eye out for its fan-favorite Emporium Selection Cranberry White Cheddar cheese.

If you're a cheese fan, you probably already know that Aldi always has great prices on plenty of international cheeses, but it's especially fun to take a peek in the cooler this time of year because it releases its seasonal treats. In past years, the internet has gone wild for these nutty, creamy, cranberry-flecked wheels of cheddar, and for just $3 to $4 (depending on what city you're in), it'll make a festive splash on any holiday table.

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An Affordable Snack For Any Gathering

Holiday cheese board
Holiday cheese board - Melaniemaya/Getty Images

Aldi's Cranberry White Cheddar is perfect for holiday entertaining because it tastes great, works with many other seasonal goodies, and looks festive.

You can simply slice it and spread it out with some crackers to show off the bright red berries, or you can include it anywhere you'd use regular cheddar, including when making a cheese ball. The cranberries will give any cheesy recipe some extra zip, and this cheese will pair well with dried figs, dates, or dried apple slices and pears. It'll be perfect with any crackers or bread with sesame or whole grains, and it'll taste great in a cracker stack with sliced prosciutto and a slice of green apple. It's so versatile that you'll want to stock up if you plan to be a fixture on the holiday scene this season, and you can buy multiple packages for less than $10. The only drawback is that you have to grab it when you see it in the store or the weekly flier because Aldi deals don't last long — especially the fan favorites. So get some this month if you plan cheese and wine pairings.

Aldi Fans Love Cranberry White Cheddar

Aldi's cheese display
Aldi's cheese display - Bloomberg/Getty Images

Aldi fans who know about Cranberry White Cheddar have nothing but good things to say about the American-made cheese dotted with fresh, tart fruit. It'll add something extra to your holiday snackscape or liven up a simple sandwich.

"That Cranberry White Cheddar is out of this world," said a shopper on Reddit. Another added, "I gasped out loud in the aisle when I saw the cheese was back!"

Facebook users raved about it and shared recipes, including a fig grilled cheese. Cranberry White Cheddar even won over the discerning cheese critics at the World Dairy Innovation Awards in 2020, who named it a finalist in the Best Cheese category.

The Aldi website says this cheese is made in Wisconsin with locally sourced cranberries and is typically only sold as a seasonal item. That means that when you see it in the cooler, you should stock up because there's usually only a limited amount of it made each year — when it's gone, it's gone.

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