Channing Tatum Admits To Following Zoë Kravitz Fan Accounts

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Channing Admits To Following Zoë Fan AccountsJames Devaney - Getty Images

Remember 2021, when the internet realized that Channing Tatum was following not one, not two, not three, but four Zoë Kravitz social media fan accounts?

It all started when fan account @ZoeKravitzSource noticed the star was following them, and then Paper Magazine shared an Instagram post revealing that he was also following, ahem, @ZKLuv, @ZoeKravitzInc, and @KravitzUpdate.

This all happened around the time reports first broke out about Kravitz and Tatum dating, when a source told E! News: 'There’s more than a friendship going on with Channing and Zoë. They are spending a lot of time together and having fun. They are more than just close friends or costars. Their relationship has grown into more.'

The stars were first spotted leaving the Met Gala together in September 2021, and from then on, romance rumours spiralled.

Flash-forward to January 2023, when Vanity Fair asked Tatum why it is he is following multiple Kravitz fan accounts during an interview to promote Magic Mike's Last Dance.

'I have no chill,' he said. 'I was just seeing what she was up to! Also, I didn’t know anyone would know.'

Bless. The actor also opened up to the magazine about dating in general, saying, 'Relationships are hard for me. Even though I am a bit of a monogamist. In business, I have no real fear of anything being destroyed. But heart things, when it comes to people I love, I have a really hard time. I end up trying too hard, you know?'

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