Cereal Milk Can Surely Elevate Your Next Dessert Cocktail

Top-down view of Froot Loops cereal in milk
Top-down view of Froot Loops cereal in milk - R.m. Nunes/Getty Images

Cereal and milk are both pantry staples. Lovers of this meal can eat it three times a day and be perfectly content, but there are many other creative ways to use breakfast cereal. Those Froot Loops, Lucky Charms, Reese's Puffs, Fruity Pebbles, or whatever cereal you love can be used, along with the milk it sits in, to create a delicious cereal-infused cocktail. When you combine creamy dairy with alcohol it does two things. It creates a velvety thick texture in your mouth and it dulls the sharp taste of whatever booze you might be drinking.

However, when that dairy has been sweetened by those cereals that Mom would never let you eat as a kid, it elevates your adult beverage to a dessert cocktail that is perfect for a Sunday brunch or for wrapping up a New Year's Eve party or girls' night out. It's easy to do and generally involves whatever milk you choose, a handful of your favorite cereal, your preferred alcohol, and a cocktail shaker. After a few quick shakes, you've got a boozy cocktail based on the milky cereal flavor you know and love.

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Serious Cereal Cocktails

Hand holding a Froot Loops cocktail in a coupe glass
Hand holding a Froot Loops cocktail in a coupe glass - nikki.sips/Instagram

To make a cereal cocktail, simply combine your cocktail ingredients along with the milk and cereal in the shaker and give it a good joggle to blend everything together. Then, strain the milky mixture into the cocktail glass of your choosing and garnish with a little cereal floating in the drink. What you will love about using your cereal and milk in this manner is that it is easy to adapt to plenty of cocktail recipes.

For example, the cream used to make a classic White Russian can be transformed when you shake it with some Cinnamon Toast Crunch. The flavor becomes sweet, toasty, and reminiscent of your favorite morning toast sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. If you are a fan of bourbon drinks that highlight the flavor of this booze, you may want to try some Frosted Mini Wheats cereal-infused milk in your next Bourbon Milk Punch.

That sweet wheat taste will complement the vanilla extract and nutmeg in a big way, though you may need to adjust the amount of simple syrup you use to tame the sweetness. Or, add a little Reese's Puffs cereal-infused milk to your next chocolate Espresso Martini. The sweet peanut butter flavor will enhance the taste of the coffee liqueur and the chocolate without overpowering it.

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