What temperature do you set your central heating at? Poll of the Week

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Young woman changing heating
Keeping warm inside the home is important in cold weather, but the cost of living crisis is making many Britons think twice about their heating. (Getty Images)

After an unexpectedly mild December, winter is well and truly here as temperatures are plummeting this week all across the UK.

On Monday 8 January, the Met Office issued a warning for ice and snow across large parts of the south of England, including in the capital. Londoners saw snow falling throughout the day, with temperatures falling to zero degrees celsius.

Elsewhere in the country, the mercury dipped much lower overnight on Monday, reaching -9C in rural Scotland and -6C in rural Wales. The cold temperatures are set to continue as the week goes on, with high pressure fuelling the wintry conditions.

To stop the chill from creeping into our homes, many of us will be turning on the central heating. But cost of living concerns are continuing to dominate the minds of Britons, particularly after the energy price cap rose by 5% on average on Monday 1 January.

So this week we're asking readers what temperature you set your central heating at, and whether you're worried about the cost of heating your home this winter.

The Energy Saving Trust recommends keeping indoor temperatures between 18C to 21C during the winter, with 20C believed to be optimal for homes with newborn babies or elderly people living in them.

But some people will be tempted to turn down the temperature of their central heating in order to save on costs. UK Energy Support advises that turning down the thermostat by just one degree can save you up to £145 annually, and recommends setting a timer on your heating.

Come back on Friday to read the results and analysis.

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