Céline Dion divides opinion with 'chicken boots' in Christmas post

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Celine Dion divided opinion with her flaming shoes. [Photo: Getty]
Celine Dion divided opinion with her flaming shoes. [Photo: Getty]

Céline Dion has received mixed opinions on social media for a pair of so-called “chicken boots”.

The 51-year-old singer posed for a festive shot next to a Christmas tree, and shared the snap on her Instagram to her 3.9 million followers.

She wore a red sequinned dress for the photo opportunity, but it was her boots – a custom-made design from Toronto set designer Caitlin Doherty – that got everyone talking.

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The shoes were commissioned for the star by the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, where Dion performed twice earlier this month.

The shoes feature a plumed feather design, with multi-coloured feathers in fiery shades. A phoenix – a mythical bird which bursts into flames and then is born again from the ashes – is visible in the design on the back of the shoe.

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Yet the comments section contains mixed reviews – with several chicken comparisons from both Dion’s English and French speaking fans.

“Mama, Are these chicken boots?,” was one comment, while another wrote: (“What are these chicken shoes?”

Another comment read: “Elles sont pourries ses shoes !!! Berk berk berk !!??” (“Those shoes are rotten! Berk berk berk!”)

As for the English speaking fans, one wrote, “ I too have my chicken heels on,” while another said, “If anyone will appreciate an avian shoe, I know it would be you.”

Others compared the phoenix design to the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise.

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One person commented, “Elle a le phœnix de dumbledore aux pieds!” (“She has Dumbledore’s phoenix on her feet!”) and another joked, “Omg the phoenix from Harry Potter has been murdered and made into shoes.”

However, the footwear did have some fans, with some comments reading, “This heels are fabulous!!” and “I need these shoes for Christmas please.”

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