The affordable celebrity-approved moisturiser that sells every 10 seconds

The celebrity-approved £12 moisturiser to know about. (Getty Images)
The celebrity-approved £12 moisturiser to know about. (Getty Images)

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When it comes to big-name stars, there’s often celebrity skin, and then there is red carpet skin. How do they get that glamorous glow time and time again?

Sure, the phrase “it takes a village” comes to mind, but there are also a few simple tips and tricks up make-up artists’ sleeves that us mere mortals just haven’t been made aware of yet.

But don’t worry, we have the inside scoop. One of the most popular make-up bag essentials beloved by big-name stars from Jane Fonda to Julia Roberts, is actually available on the high street, and will take your skin from dull to dewy quicker than you can say “flawless”.

Weleda’s Skin Food has become a secret saviour and little-known beauty trick, already a hit with other celebs, too, including Victoria Beckham, Adele, Holly Willoughby, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, and Priyanka Chopra.

And the good news is that its price tag comes in at £12.50.

Weleda eco-friendly moisturiser. (Getty Images)
In need of an eco-friendly moisturiser? We've found a hydration hero for under £15. (Getty Images)
 Victoria Beckham Weleda Skin Food
Moisturiser isn't just for keeping skin hydrated, it has a multitude of make-up and beauty uses, too. (Getty Images)

The sustainable health and beauty brand’s hero product has a thick base texture of pure plant oils and beeswax with extracts of gentle viola tricolour, calendula and chamomile, instantly soothing any dry areas, or skin that has been exposed to the elements.

Weleda’s little green tube has been soothing customers’ skin since the 1920s, and has become so popular that one of these cult moisturiser sells every 10 seconds. No wonder celebrities want in on the action.

“I put it on my hands after I wash the dishes, and wind up putting it on my elbows and feet,” Roberts previously told InStyle. “Before you know it, I've squeezed this poor little green tube into a twist.”

Buy it: Weleda Skin Food 75ml | £12.50 from Boots

Weleda Skin Food
Weleda Skin Food

£12.50 for 75ml at Boots£7.65 for 30ml at Boots

“What I love about it is that it’s not particularly expensive and you can find it anywhere,” Beckham told Into the Gloss. “The formula is so thick and buttery. When I have a tan, I’ll mix it with coconut oil – the same you use to cook with – and cover my entire body with it. I suppose some people may not like the greasiness, but it helps me hold on to the colour.”

The skin saviour used primarily as a universal moisturising salve for dry skin and sensitive areas, but it's also so, so much more. The eco-friendly moisturiser has been a make-up artist kit bag secret staple for years, using the creams moisturising qualities and silky texture to create one of the best light-reflecting natural highlighters on the market.

While the majority of celebs go for the original Weleda’s Skin Food, the brand has recently bought out a lighter version of the popular moisturiser, which Holly Willoughby's make-up artist, Patsy O’Neill, recently shared as one of the secrets behind Willoughby's glow.

"I was so excited when Weleda launched its Light version of the amazing, life-saving, multi-use product, Skin Food for the face hands and body." O’Neill shared on Wylde Moon.

She added: "The light formulation helps support regeneration of the skin’s own protective barrier, protecting it from drying out."

Buy it: Weleda Skin Food Light 75ml | £13.50 from Boots

£13.50 for 75ml at Boots £7.95 for 30ml at Boots

Not only does purchasing a tube of the “Little Green Hero” leave your skin hydrated and glowing (not to mention it won’t leave a huge dent in your wallet), but it will keep your conscience clear, too, due to Weleda’s numerous environmental accreditations.

Weleda is a certified B Corporation – recognised as being beneficial to society and the environment – and one of only two beauty brands worldwide that has been certified by the Union of Bio-Ethical Trade (UBET) for its sustainable sourcing system and ethical treatment of all partners along the supply chain.

Not only that, Weleda is partnering with environmental activist Arizona Muse and her soil regeneration DIRT charity, and the Sustainable Soil Alliance, to tackle the crisis facing soil, “the skin of the Earth”, by planting plant a tree for every Skin Food product sold from April through to June on, in collaboration with TreeSisters.

A tube of the responsibly produced original Skin Food is available from Boots for £7.65 for a small tube or £12.50 for 75ml, the collection has also exapnded to Skin Food for body too.

Weleda Skin Food's body range:

Buy it: Weleda Skin Food Body Butter | £18.95 from Boots

Weleda Skin Food
Weleda Skin Food Body Butter. (Weleda)

Buy it: Weleda Skin Food Body Lotion | £14.95 from LookFantastic

Weleda Skin Food
Weleda Skin Food Body Lotion. (Weleda)

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