Celebrities share their reasons for staying at home during the coronavirus outbreak

Caroline Allen
Elton John joined in with his message. (Getty Images)

Celebrities are sharing their reasons for staying home during the coronavirus outbreak in new viral challenge on Instagram.

Led by Kevin Bacon, the likes of David Beckham and Elton John have already got involved.

The hashtag #IStayHomeFor is typically written on a piece of paper or chalkboard followed by the names of their loved ones.

In order to decrease the spread of coronavirus, Boris Johnson is urging people to stay at home where possible.

Kevin Bacon shared that he was staying at home for his wife, Kyra Sedgwick and captioned the photo: “Hey everybody, it’s now so important to stay home and keep our distance from others if you are able. It’s one way we can help prevent the spread of #Coronavirus and save lives.

“The more of us who can, make it safer for those who can’t. So if you’re home too like me, post a video or photo with a sign like mine, telling who you are staying home for and ask 6 friends to do the same. Post it with the hashtag #IStayHomeFor so I can see and share. The more folks involved, the merrier.”

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He then tagged the likes of Jimmy Fallon, Elton John and David Beckham in a bid to encourage them to join in.

“Let’s use this 6 degree thing to do some good!” He concluded.

Elton John and David Beckham responded quickly with their own versions of the challenge.

Elton John shared that he would be staying in for his husband, David Furnish, as well as his two children Zachary and Elijah.

“Today it’s snakes and ladders and staying inside to stop the spread of coronavirus. Who are you staying home for?” He added while tagging the likes of Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and Taron Egerton to join in.

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David Beckham shared that he’d be staying at home for Victoria Beckham and his children during the pandemic.

“I’m staying at home for Victoria and our kids, including Cruzie who’s made his way into this photo. Let’s stop the coronavirus spread together.” He added.

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The social distancing campaign’s aim is to stop people from going out and about unnecessarily in a bid to slow the impact of the coronavirus.

The celebrities getting involved aren’t the first ones to share messages about the coronavirus online.

Victoria Beckham recently shared a post urging people to be “resilient” while the likes of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle detailed their plans on what they would be doing to help during this time.

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