Celebrate the food of Wales

1 March 2012

It’s St David’s Day, so it’s time to take a look at some of the fantastic food that hails from Wales.

From cheese to cake, lamb to laverbread, the Welsh larder is stuffed full of goodies.

Welsh lamb

Welsh lamb now enjoys Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status and its fame is spreading across the globe, with exports rapidly increasing. On Welsh farms, there’s an average of one farmer per 500 lambs, compared to one per 5,000 in New Zealand.

Recipe: Bryn Williams' roast loin of lamb

The best Welsh lamb producers


Laverbread is made from the vitamin-rich laver seaweed, which is then cooked until it turns into a soft black paste. As part of a traditional Welsh breakfast, it’s generally rolled with oats and fried as patties and served with eggs, bacon and cockles.

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Caerphilly cheese

This creamy, crumbly white cheese was traditionally eaten by miners as its curd replaced some of the salt they lost underground. It was eventually made in far greater quantities over the border but there is something of a revival going on in its homeland.


Arguably the original ‘superfood’ and enjoyed at the very top of the Roman Empire. The leek is high in not only fibre but also heart protecting substances such as flavonoids and polyphenols, which help to prevent our blood vessels from damage, and folate, a B vitamin which also supports our cardiovascular system.

Lovely leek recipes

Richard Corrigan's griddled leeks

This veggie delight includes duck eggs and a dressing of mustard powder, honey, lemon juice, rapeseed oil and tarragon.

Rachel Allen's openpot chicken roast with leeks and potatoes

A really satisfying, hearty meal that you can whip up in five minutes and put in the oven.

Marcus Wareing's cod, leek and blue cheese pies

These puff pastry pies are a wonderful, warming comfort food.

Inside Welsh chef Bryn Williams' kitchen

The best farmers' markets in Britain

The best British charcuterie producers

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