Caught in the act: Mum asks Internet for advice after her son walks in on her having sex

A mum has taken to the internet to ask advice after her son caught her having sex [Photo: Getty]
A mum has taken to the internet to ask advice after her son caught her having sex [Photo: Getty]

It’s something all parents fear. Getting sprung by your little one having, ahem, mummy and daddy time. But how to deal with it? Laugh it off as a special grown up cuddle or sit them down for the talk about the birds and the bees?

One mum, whose seven-year-old son walked in on her and her husband having sex has taken to the internet to ask for advice on that exact dilemma.

“DS who is 7 walked in on us in the middle of the night and caught us at it,” she wrote on Mumsnet in a post titled “daddy was doing press ups on mummy”. “DH saw him straight away, was right at the point of delivery, DS must have seen a couple of seconds worth though.”

The poster went on to say that her son had told their neighbour all about it “including a rendition of the funny noises mummy was making which apparently were so loud they woke him up.”

Understandably the mum is now keen to know how she can stop her son telling anyone else and users of the parenting site were quick to offer advice about that and how to talk to their children about sex.

“There’s illustrated books for children of your son’s age,” one user offered. “I had one with a cute little storyline where the protagonist gets a little sibling and the parents explain why.”

“Most wonderful book in the world, “mummy laid an egg” is an excellent introduction to mum’s and dads having sex,” suggested another. “Do look it up, this is a lovely age to share it with him. He needs it soon, while it can be loving rather than embarrassing for him.”

Others suggested the original poster could explain about mummies having an ‘egg’ and daddies providing the ‘seed,’ but one poster said this explanation had led to some confusion in her family.

“Yup, my wee neice after being given the seed talk ended up with the idea that babies came from B&Q,” she wrote.

“I’d tell him that Mummy and Daddy were having private time and that he shouldn’t tell other people about it,” offered up another user. “Or tell him the truth about what you were doing and explain that he shouldn’t tell people.”

“You could say some people have sex to make a baby, but lots of people including you and his dad also have sex because it feels nice,” another user offered.

“If you have to explain the noises you could compare it to the mmmmmm people make when they are smelling a nice perfume or eating something delicious?” she continued.

“What are you doing mummy?” [Photo: Getty]
“What are you doing mummy?” [Photo: Getty]

Others users shared their own experiences of getting caught in the act to assure the original poster she wasn’t alone.

“Our 7 year old heard us having sex the other night, he was in his room but his door was open. He shouted to us “are you two bouncing on the bed? Can I play?” EEEK!” wrote one mum.

“If it helps you, my friend and her husband only realised her four-year-old had come into the room mid-shag when he suddenly yelled: ‘Faster daddy, faster’,” another poster added.

Another mum detailed a time when her eldest daughter, who was eight at the time, walked in on her and her husband

“When I opened my eyes and saw her, dh said immediately ‘I was having a bit of an asthma attack and mummy was helping me’. ‘Oh’ said dd dismissively ‘I thought you were having sex’ and walked out.”

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