Catherine O'Hara: 'Wearing Moira Rose's costumes changed my posture'

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Catherine O'Hara is certain wearing Moira Rose's costumes while filming Schitt's Creek changed her posture.

The 67-year-old played the loveable, eccentric matriarch in the hit Netflix comedy series, and her character was well-known for her extravagant designer outfits, which were chosen by co-creator and O'Hara's onscreen son, Dan Levy.

"Wearing those clothes makes you not just feel different, but it changes your posture and everything about yourself," she told WWD. "In a year when people in lockdown had a hard time finding a reason to not wear the same clothes every day, it was fun to see someone like Moira, who essentially is in lockdown with her family but gets up and finds a reason to look amazing."

The Home Alone star added that she took inspiration from British fashion designer Daphne Guinness's signature monochrome wardrobe, and also confessed she begged Levy to let Moira have a collection of wigs.

"I suggested, or actually begged for it. When we were all developing our characters, I said, 'I'd like to wear a wig depending on my mood.' It kind of scared everyone at the beginning, like, 'Wait a minute, how much work are you asking the hair department to do and how much planning is there?' And I said, 'No, it's according to how she feels that day,'" O'Hara quipped.